Leadership Beyond Good Intentions - What It Takes To Really Make A Difference

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions by Geoff Aigner
Geoff Aigner

Good intentions are not enough.

You want to change things in your organisation or in the world, but despite your best efforts you run into obstacles and resistance.

The temptation is to see the challenges as lying outside ourselves. We grasp at a model or a tool, or we find other people slow to get the point or worse—obstructive.

But the real challenge we face is often ourselves.

Drawing on deep experience of developing leaders from a wide range of public sector, private sector, community and non-government organisations, Geoff Aigner identifies the inner tensions and work involved in making change. He challenges common assumptions we make about ourselves and our motivations, and offers strategies to explore approaches to leadership and develop effective and truly compassionate ways of pursuing change.

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Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2011