Why employers invest

Many employers support talented employees through Sydney Leadership because of the positive differences they see in the way those individuals perform and lead. These shifts are evident from very early in the program. Graduates will deliver positive benefits and results to the organisation.

Participants gain:

  • greater awareness of their own behavioural patterns, how they impact their organisational systems and the capacity to adapt them appropriately
  • much greater flexibility in using a range of leadership roles demanded by differing circumstances
  • the ability to effectively manage conflicts to promote organisational and system transformations
  • the ability to generate breakthroughs in thinking to resolve stubborn, complex organisational dilemmas
  • the ability to get others to take up leadership roles so that the challenge of organisational transformation is taken up at many levels
  • improved relationship management, including partnering and collaboration with diverse stakeholders and across sectors
  • a strong cross-sector network of valuable contacts.

Contact us

To have a conversation about whether this program is right for your organisation's leadership development, please contact Julie Ahern on 02 8262 3585 or email julie.ahern@benevolent.org.au

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