The Sydney Leadership Model

Exercising real leadership is hard, especially when the challenges faced are complex, where stakes are high and the appropriate responses required are not available via an existing tool kit.

Often what happens is that we put a lot of energy into the typical technical responses (such as restructuring or performance management) and the problem keeps cycling. But what is needed is a different type of leadership, one that helps all of the stakeholders to adapt.

Sydney Leadership honours this complexity and develops the capacity of participants to work through what we term adaptive challenges and builds the necessary skills and resilience to stay the course.

Sydney Leadership is based on the best current international research and theory on how adults learn and develop new skills to exercise leadership.

At the centre of this program is the theory, practice and skills of Adaptive Leadership – Harvard Model and experiential learning modalities such as Case In Point, Peer and Syndicate learning, plus individualised support through Coaching and Mentoring.

The program also involves social inquiry – that is, looking more deeply at specific social issues in order to understand more about the range of different perspectives, values and roles that are at play when a group or community faces a complex challenge. Our purpose in doing this is twofold – to enable participants to use this lens and learning to apply to your own challenges back in their role.

The program is designed to run in tandem with your leadership challenge and work in role.

Prepare for a unique experience. Sydney Leadership will transform the way you view the world and change the way you think about and exercise for greater impact.

It focuses on tackling complex challenges. Sydney Leadership will equip you with a new way of working with and thinking about complex organisational or systemic challenges. Our program is based on the Harvard Adaptive Leadership Model and a transformative method of developing new insights and capacity for leadership.

It provides a diversity of perspectives. Our vibrant and diverse community of participants brings valuable skills and perspectives. We believe working across this difference is not only beneficial but necessary to solve our biggest challenges.

It’s based on experiential learning. Sydney Leadership program days give participants an insider’s view of complex issues. They are delivered in real-life situations, in real-time—not in a classroom—because we believe the deepest learning comes from experience.

It develops purposeful leadership. You’ll get clear about your purpose – as an organisation and as an individual – and the skills you need to work with it, developing a competitive edge.

It inspires transformation. You’ll discover your potential and learn how to work more authentically. This increase in your social leadership capacity will transform not only your own life, but the lives of those around you.

It provides a network for change. Connections built during the program, and to the broader Social Leadership Australia Alumni, provide a life-long support network.

You will learn to…

• Work with increased self awareness with clarity of purpose and values.
• Build resilience and confidence to work in unfamiliar circumstances.
• Recognise, diagnose and respond to complex, adaptive challenges.
• Develop high levels of community and cultural awareness, and be able to link this to your work.
• Understand the purpose and necessity of collaboration for achieving outcomes.
• Have an increased awareness and appreciation of power and rank.
• Embrace the failures of leadership for greater learning. 
• Have a greater awareness of working with diversity and conflict. 

“Sydney Leadership has challenged me personally and professionally; provided me the space, teachings and camaraderie to explore leadership; and the courage to continue for purpose.”
Sharon Morris, CEO, Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic & National Secretary, Women in Super


The Sydney Leadership experience 

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What do our Alumni say?

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