Sponsored places and scholarship positions

We offer a small number of targeted scholarships and a limited number of sponsored positions for participants from the not-for-profit and community sector. Sydney Leadership scholarships are aimed at people within sectors that face financial challenges yet need to build the capacity to create sustainable change.


Scholarships are awarded by Social Leadership Australia to applicants who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, who may be self-employed or employed by a not-for-profit or community organisation and whose completion of Sydney Leadership would, in Social Leadership Australia's view, benefit the applicant, their organisation and the Australian community at large.

Executives and senior managers from the community and not-for-profit sector are invited to apply for a limited number of partial scholarships. In addition, the following scholarships will be offered to specific target groups:

  • The Teen Spirit Foundation Scholarship - for an executive or senior manager working in a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the conditions for vulnerable young Australians.
  • Johnson and Johnson Medical Scholarships - for executives or senior managers working within the community, not-for-profit or non-government Medical and Health sectors who are seeking new ways to lead through challenging and complex times.
  • Indigenous Scholarships - for indigenous executives or senior managers in the community or not for profit, education and health sectors who have a focus on creating a future in which cultural understanding is central to responsible leadership.

Sponsored position opportunities

Social Leadership Australia is offering a limited number of sponsored places for successful applicants from the not-for-profit sector of $3,000. An investment in the program by the applicant and/or their organisation/community of $9,000 (plus GST) will still be required.

Each sponsored position has its own individual eligibility criteria and students should contact SLA to find out specific criteria before making an application.

Application process

To find out more about scholarships or the program, please contact Samantha Cook on 02 8262 3588 or email samantha.cook@benevolent.org.au. 

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