What the program includes

The Sydney Leadership program covers an exciting and challenging schedule of events and speakers designed to give you access to situations, thoughts and ideas that challenge and inspire.

Program components

Opening Retreat - To kick-start the program, you will spend three days outside of Sydney being introduced to new concepts of leadership and stepping into an alternative learning space that provides a framework for the year ahead.

Program Days – Our monthly study days are held at various locations around Sydney and in communities or institutions that relate to the theme or issue being explored (examples from previous programs include schools, migrant communities, community centres and public housing estates).

Canberra Study Tour - Spend three days immersed in Australia's national political system observing first-hand the motions of power, authority and system in action.

Skills Development Days - The second half of the program brings the focus on to the practical application of your leadership skills development in the context of your work.

Closing Retreat - During the final two days of the program, the group will re-gather to reflect, consolidate and celebrate what has been achieved and what lies ahead.

Coaching - The program includes three personal coaching sessions which help you to integrate learnings from the program into your role and organisational work.

Syndicate group work – Throughout the program, participants are placed into small groups to work together on a selected task and create another network of support.

Mentoring – Participants will be offered the opportunity of a mentor from a Social Leadership Australia alumnus.

Extra materials

A rich and stimulating reading list is provided covering current media, academic texts, leadership theory and case studies, and even philosophy and poetry.

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