Invest in a Scholarship

Nurturing top talent in the non-profit sector delivers social impact

Each year we receive many applications from exceptional community leaders who are unable to participate in Sydney Leadership without a sponsor. Australia's non-profit sector needs the support of Australian business to help them drive change and be more effective in delivering front line services.The desire to learn is there but most non-profits lack the budget to invest in staff development.

Investing in a Sydney Leadership Scholarship and supporting a non-profit leader on their journey of change is a tangible way to drive development and deliver on your corporate social responsibility objectives. 

Hear how a scholarship enabled these talented Australians to participate in Sydney leadership:



Invest in a Sydney Leadership Scholarship

Many major corporations and government departments sponsor employees by investing in top talent through Social Leadership Australia's programs each year because of the positive differences they see in the way those individuals perform and lead.

The 2016 Sydney Leadership program is supported by employer organisations and scholarship providers including Johnson & Johnson Medical and anonymous donors.

Your generous support will help deliver the important work being done to solve many of society’s biggest challenges. Find out more by contacting us at: