How the program is taught

A fresh approach to leadership development - The Social Leadership Australia model

Sydney Leadership is an intensive, highly experiential learning program, not a theoretical course.

One of its core aspects is the Adaptive Leadership model developed by Professor Ron Heifetz and his colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Adaptive Leadership distinguishes between 'technical' problems—which can be solved by management—and 'adaptive' challenges—where changes to values, beliefs and attitudes are required to make progress. The Social Leadership Australia model understands leadership as an activity that mobilises groups to participate in solving their own problems.

Taking you beyond your four walls

Each component of the program will develop your practical leadership skills, increase your understanding of organisational challenges, improve your negotiation, problem-solving, communication and team-building skills and build enduring relationships with other leaders.

Sydney Leadership offers a different learning environment and a different experience from other programs. 

Program days are delivered in real-life situations, in real-time—not in a classroom—because we believe the deepest learning comes from experience. We also know from our work that many of the challenges leaders face today lie beyond the four walls of their office—as do the answers.

Immersing yourself complex social issues through social inquiry that brings you face-to-face with the reality of the complex issues and creates a space to explore the issues, dynamics and complexity that characterise the work of modern leadership. Through this process you will understand more about the range of different perspectives, values and roles that are at play when a group or community faces a complex challenge. Our purpose in doing this is twofold – to enable participants to use this lens and learning to apply to your own challenges back in their role.

The Sydney Leadership experience 

Find out how our Sydney Leadership Program Manager, Rosamund Christie, describes the Sydney Leadership program here

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