Sydney Leadership

Challenge yourself. Change your world.

Are you facing complex challenges in your role? Aiming for greater impact in your world?  

Then Sydney Leadership is for you.

Sydney Leadership is Australia’s foremost social leadership program. Sydney Leadership is based on the best current international research and theory on how adults learn, and how adults develop new skills to exercise leadership. At the centre of this program is the theory, practice and skills of Adaptive Leadership – Harvard Model. You will work hands-on, with real world challenges to build a skill set that empowers you to make great decisions in complex and uncertain situations.

Rosamund Christie, Program Manager of Sydney Leadership on the Sydney Leadership Program:

Join up to 30 participants who, like yourself, are facing significant change in their sector, organisation and role and are seeking new ways of exercising leadership for sustainable change. People who represent government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors are committed to making social impact a part of their purpose.

Over five months, Sydney Leadership will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, develop new perspectives and skills and take your personal and professional growth to another level.

Our graduates have gone on to achieve amazing results in their role, organisation and communities. Their experiences inspire and equip them in continuing their journey to build a better Australia.

From CEOs and senior managers to up-and-coming talent with real potential to make a difference, this is a program for people with intelligence, courage, determination and generosity of spirit.

Successful participants will join the Social Leadership Australia alumni community, a strong and engaged life-long group. Alumni work together on highly relevant issues providing an opportunity to connect and learn from each other’s unique talents and experience.


You should attend if you are:

  • A CEO or senior manager in the not-for profit sector facing the need to transform your organisation in response to market forces and government reform.
  • A commercial or senior manager in the corporate sector with a desire to grow your own and your organisation’s impact beyond profit alone.
  • A government executive or senior manager leading reform who appreciates the value of connecting with your contemporaries in other sectors.
  • A senior professional at a point in your life and career where having a higher purpose and greater impact matters.


Message from Premier Mike Baird


I lend my support to The Benevolent Society for the Sydney Leadership program.

This worthy initiative lends encouragement to those who have difficulty overcoming challenges in their life and sends the message that nothing is unachievable.

It encourages people to think about issues affecting NSW and in turn take action to solve them. This falls in line with the NSW Government’s NSW 2021 Plan goal of better protecting the most vulnerable members of our community and breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Together we can take on the important issues affecting NSW.

I wish the very best to everyone involved in The Benevolent Society and all those participating in Sydney Leadership. 


Message from Lord Mayor Clover Moore


Sydney Leadership makes an important contribution to the life of Sydney, working at many levels and across sectors on difficult social issues that lie beneath the surface of any large city. I am encouraged by a program that puts the public interest at centre stage, challenging people to speak up and take action in the interests of the wider community. With their focus on improving the quality of life in our society, I wish participants in the program all the best in taking a leadership stance on these important issues.


What do our Alumni say?

Christopher Zinn, Sydney Leadership 2009 alumnus:


Heather Chaffey, Sydney Leadership 2016 alumnus:


Deb Simpson, Sydney Leadership 2016 alumnus:



2017 Program Dates


Program Activity


6-7 April

Module 1: Opening retreat (residential)

2 days

9-10 May

Module 2: Sydney days

2 days

1-3 June

Module 3: Canberra residential

3 days

13-14 July

Module 4: Sydney days

2 days 

10-11 August

Module 5: Closing retreat

2 days 

7 September




The Sydney Leadership experience 

Find out how our Sydney Leadership Program Manager, Rosamund Christie, describes the Sydney Leadership program here

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