Mobilising Social Innovation Masterclass



Moving beyond good intentions is hard!

The MOBILISING SOCIAL INNOVATION MASTERCLASS is designed to help you learn to nurture innovation in complexity so you and your organisation can adapt and thrive.

At this 2 day Masterclass we will provide you with the space and experience that will stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking and connect it to action. Going beyond design thinking, we’ll provide a practical toolkit and skills to support you in your creative and innovation work. This is an opportunity to think creatively about yourself and your work challenges.

This masterclass is for people who are leading systemic change within their organisation, leading social reform across government and the non-government sectors, working in collaboration across functions, organisations, sectors, cultures or communities or who are seeking greater innovation from their team.

Are you….?
•    Seeking to provide better products and services or create new value for your customers and community.
•    Working in a challenging environment, feeling overwhelmed or experiencing pressure of constraints that requires you to adapt to survive.
•    Finding it difficult to create the space to foster new ideas and get stakeholders support. 


What will I take away from the MASTERCLASS?
Through a combination of methodologies including Theory U, Design Thinking, Emergent Strategic Planning and Execution, and Adaptive leadership, you will gain the confidence and skills to support you in making progress for real change.

You will: 
•    Develop your own greater sense of purpose and direction that inspires and organises people’s efforts for greater contribution and ownership.
•    Increase your awareness of your own behavioural patterns and gain clarity of what you need to do yourself and what you need from others collectively.
•    Develop a tool-kit to assist you in your innovation work including creative thinking, prototyping and conducting experiments.


Event information:

Dates for 2017 TBC.


For more information and to register your interest please contact:‚Äč

Nathalie Kats
t 02 8262 3582



Saul Brown

Saul Brown draws on his own leadership experience of more than twenty years with leading Australian and multi-national corporations usually in phases of launch, growth or significant change.

Saul is a consultant and educator with expertise across strategy, organisation and leadership. His unique value lies in helping organisations achieve high performance concurrently across business and human domains, with a particular focus on building adaptive capability and addressing complex problems.

Saul is a graduate of and adjunct faculty member at the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) where he has been recognised for excellence in the design and delivery of executive education programs.


Jane Martin

Clinical psychologist, educator, consultant, facilitator and coach, Dr Jane Martin has worked across multiple sectors—including health, education and the community service sectors. Jane has a wide range of experience in building the capacity of individuals, groups and systems facing adaptive challenges and an extensive understanding of leading change in both theory and practice. In addition to her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Jane is a Graduate of the Process Oriented Psychology Institute Portland Oregon and is an accredited Deep Democracy facilitator.