Leading Together

Are you ready for a new way of leading to get better outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia?

At Social Leadership Australia we believe change will not come from new policies, or more money, or another project. Change will only happen when we learn to lead together.

> Why have we created this program?

Leading Together is an invitation for up to 30 Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders from Australia’s business, government and community sectors to be a part of sustainable change and innovation on some of our toughest issues.

This is an exciting new learning opportunity for people leading change in the Indigenous cross-cultural space. The aim is to develop the ability of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to work together for better outcomes for their organisations and broader communities—by developing understanding and connection across cultures and learning and growing together.

> Who are we to attempt this?

Participants will come to the program with a current collaboration opportunity—or challenge—which they will work on over five months.

Leading Together will be an intensive learning experience that will build your capability as a leader and help you develop a range of advanced skills to make real progress on the most complex challenges in the cross-cultural space.  The program is a partnership between Social Leadership Australia and Reconciliation Australia.

> What does Reconciliation Australia say?

Learn how to:
• own, share and use your power for positive social change
• work together politically, across cultural, social, physical and economic borders
• handle conflict with greater awareness and skill
• uncover the creativity in diversity
• create the right setting to enable your organisation or community to work with different ideas and cultures
• develop innovative solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

Diversity will be key to the success of Leading Together. This means we are looking for people from the private sector, not-for-profit organisations and charities, government, community and small business. Most likely you will already be leading change in your area—and you should have a sense of urgency and a readiness to learn something new … and something very different.

Who is this for?

  • People leading change you are required to innovate and make progress on issues impacting Indigenous Australia
  • People leading change with authority and influence in their field
  • People leading change with vision, self awareness and experience working in the cross cultural space

> What do we mean by 'the Indigenous cross-cultural space'?

You May Be

  • Facing an opportunity or challenge that calls for change in the way you work across culture and the way things are done
  • Looking for solutions to an opportunity or unclear problem and feeling stuck or frustrated
  • Ready to make a different kind of contribution

Leading Together is delivered by Social Leadership Australia on a cost-recovery basis. Fees are kept to a minimum with a view to providing the maximum benefit to individuals, organisations and the community.

Find out more- Download our Leading Learning flyer and check out our FAQs to find out more about Leading Together.

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Get in touch

Contact Lauren Heyligers for any enquiries on 02 8262 3588 or by email to lauren.heyligers@benevolent.org.au.

We encourage you to contact us to find out more about Leading Together.


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