Cross Cultural Leadership


We support organisations and communities who have the desire to make a difference but are stuck in the midst of complexity or conflict - helping them to create new ways of working together across diverse interests, perspectives and values for positive change on Indigenous disadvantage and inequality in Australia.


Who do we work with?

  • Organisations that employ cross cultural teams who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face in leading together to make the next level of progress
  • Organisations or communities that have a strong desire to make progress cross sector and cross culture but are not yet really sure how to go about it
  • Organisations implementing or with aspirations for an Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) who are working to drive social and cultural change


Together we make real progress and produce tangible outcomes

For organisations:

  • We help you to more deeply understand the cross cultural issues at play in your system to better exercise leadership.
  • You will develop strategies for genuine collaboration, partnerships and more effective and authentic communication both internally and externally.  

Individuals will learn to:

•    Own, share and use power for positive social change
•    Work together politically, across cultural, social, physical and economic borders
•    Handle conflict with greater awareness and skills


Proven methods for change

We’ve been designing and delivering cross cultural strategic consulting and leadership development programs since 2005 and have built a unique and transformative methodology. Our approach can take many forms dependent on the context and issue at hand. For example: 

•    Leading change together: These programs develop a process of change to deliver the desired change in-situ by those involved – rather than by external consultants.  By assembling ‘change agents’ to work purposefully and with impact, we develop the ability to diagnose complex problems and build the skills to lead change. 

•    Dialogue facilitations: We build your and your organisation’s capability to work with difference and find out first hand what’s really going on across a diverse set of stakeholders. This is useful when facing a critical complex challenge or if stakeholders are not able to work together.

•    Talent learning journeys: Together we develop customised development programs for leaders to increase your impact with Indigenous communities and clients. These are shared learning spaces for black and white change agents to learn together - not just cultural awareness training. 


Diversity as part of the solution

We value diversity - it is the key to innovation. All our programs bring together stakeholders from business, not for profit, community and government organisations, indigenous and non-indigenous, old and new power, allies and adversaries. To make progress we skilfully engage these people of different perspectives, values, interests and cultures to challenge the status quo and find new ways of working together with a shared purpose. 


Success of our unique approach entails four elements

Assembly – The starting point is creating a strong and useful collaborative environment and assembling those with leverage to change, create and influence.  We have a deep understanding and invest heavily in getting this process right to ensure interventions deliver real outcomes.

Process – We take participants out of their usual, day-to-day work environment (the comfort zone) and into their learning zone. In this space – one of uncertainty and ambiguity – existing responses are inadequate or counterproductive, so new ways of learning and working can emerge.

Space – For people to experiment with new ways of thinking and relating they need a safe learning space to experiment. We create unique and challenging learning spaces that allow change agents to safely question their assumptions, values, purpose and behaviour to innovate.  

Support – Collaboration on complex challenges requires expert support. Our facilitators and consultants work effectively on problems characterised by complexity and conflict. They have a rare combination of hands-on experience in senior leadership roles and a deep understanding of change in the cross-cultural space.


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