Customised Consulting

Looking for a tailored response to your leadership issues?

Is your organisation struggling with the incredibly fast paced, dynamic, cross sector and cross cultural environment that you operate in? Is there a need for culture change in your organisation?

When a different approach or new direction is needed, our customised consulting offers a new way of working to solve complex organisational or systemic challenges. We aim to embed change and leadership capability where it is needed, for long term change. 

Social Leadership Australia - Sarah and Peter discussing a topicWe bring the leadership learning to you, working in-house with your teams to frame the problem and mobilise stakeholders to find solutions.

We'll give you the best chance of success by providing a structured learning environment over a sustained period and provide practical support in real time, when it is needed. We convene change agents to work ‘hands-on’ with your specific challenge and ‘hand-in-hand’ with the people responsible for solving it.

It’s an approach that brings our change and leadership expertise to bear on your particular circumstances, and develops your capability to identify, understand and make progress on your own organisational and community challenges in situ.

Who is this for?

If you're working on a complex, multi-partner change project, struggling with diverse personalities, values and ways of doing things, and you can't see a way forward, talk to us about Customised Consulting. It could be in areas as diverse as energy, environment, development, infrastructure, finance, health, education, food security and justice, as well as social inclusion and well-being.

We also work with community leaders tackling an entrenched issue and senior executives who want to shift their leadership skills up a gear. 

Who we work with

Social Leadership Australia works with a diversity of purpose driven business, government and not-for-profit organisations. Our clients.

Contact us

For a conversation about whether this might be an effective intervention for your organisation or community enquire now:

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