Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact Masterclass

Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact - Masterclass

Join Social Leadership Australia and the Centre for Social Impact for a thought provoking masterclass about the fundamentals of Adaptive Leadership and how it is useful for leading change and creating lasting social impact. During this class you will be introduced to the Adaptive Leadership Framework and its purpose in leading adaptive change. Masterclass participants will then develop a deeper and more advanced understanding of how individuals, organisations and communities can benefit.

What will I take-away from the Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact masterclass?

Participants at the Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact masterclass will:
•    Learn a powerful, pragmatic and transferable leadership model that can be used in personal, organisational and community settings.
•    Reconnect with their deepest sense of purpose.
•    Develop practical skills in leading complex change including ways to manage conflict, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and partner across organisational and sector boundaries.
•    Increase their awareness of their own behavioural patterns and how they impact others.
•    Develop greater understanding of group dynamics.
•    Gain new impetus to act on the toughest problems they face.

Who is this class for?

This masterclass is for people who are leading systemic change within their organisation, leading social reform across government and the non-government sectors, working in collaboration across functions, organisations, sectors, cultures or communities and who are seeking to build their adaptive leadership capacity for social impact. Participants in the master class will develop a deeper an understanding of how individuals, organisations and communities can benefit from the adaptive leadership framework.


Event Details and Registration
6-7 June
8:30am -5:00pm
East Hotel
Canberra Avenue
Kingston ACT


Registrations have now closed.

Prices - GST inclusive :

$990     Alumni of Social Leadership Australia and the Centre for Social Impact
$1,210   Not-for-profit and Individual Sole Traders
$1,540  Corporate or Government



For more information please contact:

Lauren Townend
02 8262 3588



Lisa Ryan

Lisa currently runs a consultancy practice working with health and human services to get better results for disadvantaged individuals and communities. Lisa's practice reflects her commitment to both individual development and systemic change, and incorporates individual coaching, action-learning, leadership training, strategic planning and policy development. She is an alumna of Sydney Leadership 2007.


Associate Professor Gianni Zappalà

Adjunct Associate Professor Gianni Zappalà works part-time with the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) where he has been responsible for developing and teaching Corporate Responsibility & Accountability and Demonstrating Social Impact for the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact. He also contributes to a range of research projects in these areas with CSI and across the social impact sector. Since 2003 he has been Director of Orfeus Research, a boutique consultancy that assists organisations develop responsible citizenship strategies through research, evaluation and training.