Alumni Stories

Graduates from our open programs join our growing and committed network of Social Leadership Australia alumni. They are all exercising leadership in unique ways.

Alumni Stories

Tom Dawkins: Starting some good

"The leadership which produces the most sustainable change is that which empowers the community by giving them ownership of the changes being created.... We don't pretend to know what is best or right for each community, we provide the tools for them to lead on creating the future they desire."  MORE >

Seven Sydney Leadership Alumni start up social enterprise - The Social Outfit

Celebrating the skills and styles of our diverse cultures in Australia – The Social Outfit is a fantastic social enterprise, running a clothing retail store, onsite manufacturing and sewing school. After opening their doors to the public in late June 2014, the concept has met with great enthusiasm from the local and wider Sydney Community.   MORE >

Caroline Vu: Bigger purpose, bigger role

“Purpose is the touchstone for leadership. It gives you a sense of how to really tackle the big picture issues as opposed to stuffing round at the edges. If you’re going to address complex problems, if you’re going to create lasting change, it involves a lot more than just band aid solutions. That’s the reason it's most important.”  MORE >

Alastair Rylatt, Sydney Leadership 2011: Leaders need to focus on the future

For leaders to make progress they need to move beyond the here and now and focus more on the future, says Management consultant, Alastair Rylatt. "It is clear there is too much self-interest driving policy and planning in government, community and business.” MORE >

Andrew Tyndale: Using market power for social change

"This led me to think more about how business principles could be used to make social change: harnessing the power of the market ... We've decided that the best way we can help is by attracting wholesale finance into the social sector." MORE >