Alumni Stories

Graduates from our open programs join our growing and committed network of Social Leadership Australia alumni. They are all exercising leadership in unique ways.

Alumni Stories

Georgia Cordukes : Improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians through creative collaboration.

Drawing upon her diverse and deep experience of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia, Georgia successfully brings new initiatives to life with courage and determination. She is passionate about collaborating with creative and passionate people to create projects that empower, engage and change perceptions.   MORE >

Cat Thao Nguyen - From refugee to ... Corporate and International Leadership

Cat Thao Nguyen is an Alumna from Sydney Leadership 2005. These days she resides in Vietnam where she is Director of Ernst of Young Law, Vietnam. Cat has recently launched her first book, We Are Here, a memoir that begins in 1975 with her family's gripping exodus by foot out of post-war Vietnam. Cat Thao Nguyan was born in a refugee camp ... and she went on to hold a corporate leadership role in Australia and now Vietnam. MORE >

Rita Marigliani : Embedding organisational change.

In her role as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Wellbeing at Medibank Rita's goal was to shape the organisation’s culture and shift social responsilbity from being a ‘nice to do,’ on the side, to the core of business, having a real business benefit.  Her challenge was to raise the profile within the organization, to gain buy in, discussion and advocacy for the work being done. MORE >

Steven Gal : Courageously changing the world.

For many of us, delivering success from failure might seem like an impossible task. But for Steven the challenge was accepted as a chance to change the world.   MORE >

Diana Renner: Not Knowing - The art of turning uncertainty into opportunity

“I found out that counter-intuitively, we should head, uncomfortably, towards the unknown, rather than away from it. It is only at the edge of our competence that we can start discovering new ways of tackling our most vexing leadership challenges.” MORE >