Alumni Stories

Graduates from our open programs join our growing and committed network of Social Leadership Australia alumni. They are all exercising leadership in unique ways.

Alumni Stories

Carlton Quartly: Expanding knowledge of leadership beyond the experience as a senior government official

Carlton’s initial motivation for the program was to expand his knowledge of leadership beyond his experience as a senior government official. “Over the period of the Sydney Leadership program I was reminded of who I could be, and that my strength comes from what is in me and not from the formal authority designated through a position."    MORE >

Anna Ainsworth: A unique business model and philosophy

Anna Ainsworth and husband Simon opened their award winning flagship Eden Gardens in 2004 with a unique business model based on a genuine commitment to both social and environmental causes with a mission to improve the quality of life in the wider community through horticulture and education. The Sydney Leadership program taught Anna how to explore adaptive ways of working with people from different backgrounds and with a different perspective.   MORE >

Christopher Zinn: Shifting the emphasis from protection to empowerment for consumers

Christopher Zinn completed Sydney Leadership in 2009 and has been an enthusiastic advocate for the program ever since. Christopher is a  journalist, former spokesman for CHOICE and currently runs his own initiative called Determined Consumer. “As a result of my time on the Sydney Leadership program I’ve become much less judgemental, far more patient and more honest to myself and others about my motivations around driving change. I’ve developed the curiosity to diagnose systems and selves more practically and to work with others more effectively”.   MORE >

Tom Nance: A shift in my mindset when I approach the challenges in my life

This year, Tom Nance was able to experience the Sydney Leadership program due to generous funding from our alumni. Tom is currently Strategic Initiatives Project Manager at Western Sydney Community Forum. Here he talks about his experience with the Sydney Leadership program; "My career has advanced in leaps and bounds, and with the confidence and skills I obtained through the course I was able to advocate for more responsibility and transition into a formal leadership role smoothly." MORE >

Jono McCauley: Confidence and inspiration to start a new business

Jono McCauley completed the Sydney Leadership program in 2007 and has since successfully set up his own advertising business, Elevencom. Jono says the Sydney Leadership program gave him the confidence and inspiration to start up his own agency. “I got an enormous charge out of Sydney Leadership” he says. “It gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to start my own business. A component of that business is working with not for profits. Having control of the business – and supportive business partners – has allowed me to do that”.   MORE >