SLA transformation programs

27 Indigenous leaders from across Australia joined us in July for our first open program for Indigenous leaders

We have developed a number of initiatives to build adaptive leadership capability including the capacity of black and white Australians to work together to create the change we want to see.​

2015 – 2016 Leadership Expansion Program – A program developed for Government’s Executive Level managers to ensure that government policies, programs, services, and regulations are implemented in a way that continues to deliver effective and efficient outcomes for the Australian community.  Rethinking the Commonwealth Government’s role across all sectors – reducing duplication across levels of government and potentially delivering some Commonwealth government functions collaboratively with the private sector, other levels of government, not-for-profits and communities.  

2014- 2016 Talent Development Program – A program developed for Government’s Senior Executives to  build their ‘bench strength’ by developing the leadership capability of individuals identified as having the potential to take on more senior and complex  roles. This Development Program provides a practical, challenging and supportive learning environment that enables learners to understand and practice the adaptive leadership skills required in the current Government organisation’s context. 

2015 High Performance Cross Cultural Leadership program - We worked with a large national NGO to co-design and deliver a strategy and capacity building program for senior managers to increase their impact with Indigenous communities and clients.

2007 – 2015 Ignite Talent Development 9 month program – This program was developed for a large Corporate Financial company to build a growing cohort of high talent, middle managers to lead the organisation successfully from a business and community perspective. The program focus was building personal, organisational and community awareness, whilst developing empathy and challenging traditional notions of leadership and ethnics, as well as exploring the organisation’s role in community. The program assisted the company to continue to perform profitably in its role in society by providing a transformational, learning experience that translated into more effective, ethical and purposeful individual behaviour in the workplace and leading to a broader culture shift for the organisation. 

2012-2014 Lost Conversations - Lost Conversations is a book by nine authors—five Aboriginal and four non-Indigenous, including two staff at Social Leadership Australia - who all have first-hand experience of what happens when black and white Australians come together to try and create change. The aim of the book is to help generate a new dialogue between black and white Australians and offer a focal point for those who are ready to take the next practical step in reconciliation in Australia.

2014 Leading Together Program - In partnership with Reconciliation Australia, this national program developed the ability of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to work together for better outcomes for their organisations and broader communities.

2012 Social Leadership Intensive for Indigenous Leaders - Built the national leadership capacity of Indigenous Australians working on complex community issues. The focus was on building skills in collaborating across difference, working politically to make progress on their system's objectives and vision, to think and act and model the type of leadership required to make progress. 

2011-2013 Desert Leadership Program - Alice Springs - SLA was a co-founder of the inaugural Desert Leadership Program, with Desert Knowledge Australia which built cross cultural leadership in central Australia.  

2009-2011 The Headland Initiative - A change and leadership development process to build the capacity of a group of senior level Indigenous change agents to influence progress at a system and national level in Australia. SLA co-designed a process to support and enable participants to exercise leadership in their own systems and communities. 

2011 Adaptive leadership program for Indigenous health workers - NSW Health - The focus of the program was on the core skills of collaboration and how to work across boundaries on an entrenched population health issue.


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