Leadership for change and reconciliation

27 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Leaders participate in the new SLA programA NEW PROGRAM FOR ABORIGINAL & TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER LEADERS

10 December 2012

“Campfires are often used as a symbol representing places where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people conduct sacred or significant business.  They are spaces where communities can come together and create positive outcomes.  Adaptive leadership invites you to sit at the fire.  It asks you if you are ready to do real business.”
Christine Thomas, Service Leader, Youth Justice Conferencing, Department of Justice & Attorney-General

At Social Leadership Australia we see leadership as critical to the work we need to do as a nation to address inequality and achieve reconciliation between black and white Australia. MORE >


New Leadership Masterclasses for 2013

Develop your leadership skills in 2013

Social Leadership Australia is delighted to announce it will be offering a new series of masterclasses in 2013 focused on core leadership skills areas including:

  • The Art & Skill of Collaboration
  • Purpose & Role
  • Innovation, Conflict & Growth
  • Thinking & Working Politically—Influencing Government and
  • How Does Authority Lead?

The Masterclasses build on key elements in the Social Leadership Australia model as taught in all our programs, and provide a deeper 'hands-on' learning experience in a specific skill set, in either or a two-or three-day workshop format.

This is a great opportunity for SLA Alumni to revisit and deepen or develop their skills in an area of leadership with direct relevance to their work right now—and a great way for anyone leading complex change to start learning and working with the powerful Social Leadership Australia leadership model. MORE >


New leadership programs in regional Queensland

Clark Thompson, Regional Executive, ANZ Commercial & Agribusiness, Central QueenslandPeople interested in working to make a difference in regional Queensland are invited to consider applying for one of our new leadership programs to target local needs in 2013.

Social Leadership Australia is developing two new three-month regional intensives for Queenslanders to be offered in Roma from March 2013 and Cairns from May 2013.

The programs are part of a vision for a new direction in leadership in Queensland. They will be designed to develop the skills and networks required to address some of the complex or 'wicked' problems faced in regional Queensland communities. One of the aims is to grow a network of skilled and motivated people with the ability to lead change for the future of regional and rural Queensland.

The Regional Intensives will bring sustained, world-class leadership development within the reach of rural and regional Queenslanders.



More information

  MORE >


Apply now for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leadership scholarships

Social Leadership Australia-the leadership development centre at Australia's first charity, The Benevolent Society- announces two scholarships for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders to participate in the 2013 Sydney leadership program.

Worth $16,500 each, the Sydney Leadership 2013 scholarships will be awarded to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders working in the NGO sector or in a significant community leadership role whose work, either directly or indirectly, is driving positive social change.

Sydney Leadership is an annual, eight-month program that brings together 30 leaders from the business, not-for-profit and government sectors. The program’s aim is to foster new leadership skills and a new determination to create positive social change.

Director of Social Leadership Australia, Geoff Aigner, said, “Sydney Leadership is building a coalition of people across Australian business, government and not-for-profit sectors with the skills and determination to make a lasting, positive impact in the community. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander representation is an important part of this work. These scholarships represent an opportunity for Indigenous Australian leaders, businesses and communities, to benefit from this powerful program.” MORE >


Scholarships for Sydney Leadership 2013

Tamara DomijelcIndigenous leaders and leaders from not-for-profit, activist and community organisations can apply for one of several scholarships now available for the 2013 Sydney Leadership program.

Join a diverse group of leaders from corporate and government organisations who share a common passion for creating lasting positive impact. Spend eight months together gaining new insights into our 'wicked' social problems, form new cross-sector partnerships and develop your ability to exercise real leadership through complex challenges.

Sydney Leadership has been the learning ground for many not-for-profit and Indigenous leaders, with recent participants coming from organisations like GetUp!, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation, The Asylum Seekers Centre, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Aboriginal Disability Network. MORE >

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