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Social Leadership: Connecting People With Differing Views

Social Leadership: Connecting People With Different Views

"Workplace issues such as off-shoring, outsourcing, withdrawal of funding, different generations, diversity, social media and the role of governments all have the capacity to polarise people’s views and positions, particularly if the issue is perceived as a threat. An adaptive leadership model that assists people to engage better with each other was discussed at a recent seminar.

"The seminar was conducted by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) in Sydney on 14 August 2012.

"Liz Skelton, principal consultant of Social Leadership Australia (SLA), outlined the model, called social leadership. SLA is run by the Benevolent Society, Australia’s oldest charity, and the model arose in 1999 as an approach to dealing with society challenges such as violence, drug abuse and aged care.

Publisher: WorkplaceInfo
Date: 21 August 2012

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SLA in the Media

The Rise of the Compassionate Leader

The Rise of The Compassionate Leader: Should You Be Cruel To Be Kind?

> Read the full article on the Australian School of Business news site here
> Read the Harvard Business Review 'Morning Advantage' blog's take on the story here.

There's a powerful link between productivity and what has been identified as "compassionate leadership" in organisations, observes Christina Boedker, a lecturer in accounting at the Australian School of Business and leader of a major business research study that looks at the links between leadership and organisational performance. MORE >

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Alumni in the spotlight

Jennifer Cullen, CEO of Synapse and Queensland Leadership graduateThe CEO of Synapse—the Brain Injury Association of Queensland—and graduate of the first Queensland Leadership program, Jennifer Cullen, has pioneered an innovative assisted accommodation facility for Indigenous clients in Far North Queensland. The project was recently awarded a $4.5m contract for its development which was announced by Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Carers Senator Jan McLucas in April.

Ms Cullen, the Indigenous leader of a non-Indigenous organisation, says she couldn’t have achieved this outcome without what she learnt on the Queensland Leadership program. The first step involved starting conversations between white workers and Aboriginal Australians, she said.

“Queensland Leadership helps me identify who’s missing in the conversation. By working constructively with conflict, we actually had much more success at Synapse.”

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It's time to stop whining about our leadership

Flick on Question Time, tune in to talk back or dive in to the internet at the moment and you would think we’re caught in a leadership death spiral, where our most important leadership positions are occupied by Big Brother contestants, robber barons and tooth fairies, says SLA Director, Geoff Aigner in this piece in The Punch.

Instead we could perhaps ask, why it is that we as Australians in the increasingly Lucky Country are so down on leadership?

Is it time to stop the whining?

Do we expect too much from our leaders?

How we can break out of the cycle of complaining and instead do something to step up to the responsibilities that come with the power and privilege we enjoy in Australia today?

Read on to find out more.

Publisher: The Punch
Publication date:  8 June 2012

SLA in the Media

Learning the art of leadership

"True leadership is not management, entrepreneurialism or dictatorship," says Geoff Aigner in this piece for Fundraising & Philanthropy Australia. "It is the responsible use of power to make progress. And this progress means helping systems of people understand and solve their own problems."

"This kind of leadership is not confined to any sector, profession or level. Its result is leaving things better than we found them - more resilient communities, sustainable organisations and people who are willing to step up and take over when we are gone."

How do we develop leadership which is at once purposeful and skilled?

Read 'Learning the art of leadership' to find out more.

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