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SLA in the Media

How to future-proof your leadership

Government and philanthropists are increasingly seeking new ways to support nonprofits through collaborations. Liz Skelton describes the awareness and skills needed to successfully lead in this new landscape. Includes six key questions leaders should seek to answer before jumping into a new collaboration or partnership.

Publisher: Fundraising & Philanthropy Australia
Date: March 2014
Read: How to future-proof your leadership [PDF]


SLA in the Media

The fantasy of leadership: are you being seduced?


Belief in mythical leaders who can solve all our problems has led to cynicism, disappointment and, critically, inadequate responses to the complex social challenges we face. What we really seek is leaders with a purpose to create a better world says Geoff Aigner in this piece for SVA Consulting Quarterly. 

Publisher: SVA Consulting Quarterly
Date: March 2014 
Read: The fantasy of leadership: are you being seduced? 

SLA in the Media

Sorry mate, it's over: Has Australian business outgrown mateship?

BRW's Fiona Smith explores Australia's paradoxical culture of mateship.

'One of the Australian characteristics that outsiders often admire is the concept of mateship. It served us well on the battlefield and in sport - but it has outlived its usefulness in business.

'Encouraging mateship in a working environment is likely to exclude those who are not part of the ruling clique, says principal consultant at Social Leadership Australia (SLA), Liz Skelton.'

Publisher: Business Review Weekly (BRW)
Date: 8 November 2013
Read: 'Sorry mate, it's over: Has Australian business outgrown mateship'


SLA in the Media

The Paradoxes of Power - A TEDx Talk

Social Leadership Australia Director, Geoff Aigner at TEDxCanberra2013Much of our work is to get people to understand the power they have and to use it well wherever they are. Through their organisations, political systems, communities and families and personal lives.

We have an opportunity to ask ourselves, 'What does power—yours and mine—mean beyond control and management?'

'What does it have to do with love, compassion, progress, care and bridging the divides between us?' This question we can answer now. Power has everything to do with love and compassion and care. MORE >

SLA in the Media

Triple R 102.7FM Interview with Liz Skelton

An interview by Triple R's Jacinta Parsons for the 'Detour' show with Liz Skelton, Social Leadership Australia's Principal Consultant and co-author, The Australian Leadership Paradox - What it takes to lead in the lucky country, on Melbourne's Triple R 102.7FM. A wide-ranging discussion about Australia's relationship with power, authority, rank and the place of purpose in leadership. (Starts at 20:18).

Publisher: Triple R 102.7FM
Date: 17 September 2013
Listen now:  here

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