Working with Purpose and Role

Jane Geltch, Queensland Leadership 2009A two-day leadership masterclass

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

In all the complexity of the world we work in, it’s easy for purpose to become lost or secondary. When we are disconnected from our purpose we can get side-tracked, confused and lose the resilience we need to exercise leadership. Social Leadership Australia has teamed up with Designworks—Australasia’s foremost brand design company—to offer a two-day masterclass on working with purpose and role. Together we believe that improved understanding of our purpose, and skill in how we work with it, can transform our connection with people and our leadership capability.

The Working with Purpose and Role masterclass has been designed to help you develop the leadership skills you to not only create a sustainable and profitable workplace, but also have a positive impact on the world and people in it.

Who is this for?

This program is for leaders who want to develop their organisational purpose and place it at the centre what they do and how their organisation leads in its market. You may be:

  • a CEO of a start up, a leader who needs to transition your business model or transform your organisation to have a higher purpose and impact in your community or sector.
  • in government leading the reform agenda in your sector.
  • in a Branding, Corporate Communications or Public Relations role in a organisation that is shifting or needing to reconnect with its stakeholders.
  • a Social Leadership Australia Alumnus who is ready to work more deeply on this topic.

Why we are working with Designworks

Creating purposeful leadership is at the centre of what we do at Social Leadership Australia. Developing a deeper alignment between purpose and brand is central to the work of Designworks. We are both very excited to work together around our common goals and provide you with different learning experience.

Key dates

23-24 May 2013 - Masterclass runs, apply by clicking here.

16 May 2013 - Masterclass applications close

30 April 2013 - Earlybird rates end

Find out more & register

Download our Working with Purpose & Role Masterclass Brochure to find out more about this masterclass, including more about the facilitators and what is covered in the two days.

To register click HERE

Any enquiries, please contact Nathalie Kats, Program Coordinator on t 02 8262 3582 or e


Background reading: Purpose is the new competitive edge

Read an article by Social Leadership Australia Director, Geoff Aigner - which explores why working with hopes and dreams is our more important leadership skill and increasingly competitive and complex world - on the ProBono Australia website here.

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