Why collaborations fail & what it takes to succeed

27 February 2013 - 7:30am - 9:00am

188 Oxford St, Paddington

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Collaboration: everyone’s talking about it. NGOs, government and businesses are all under increasing pressure to do it. And no wonder. Collaboration promises so much: innovation, cost-savings, positive impacts… something bigger and better than we could achieve alone.

But if collaboration is such a good idea, then why does it so often end in failure … and what does it take to succeed?

Join us for a lively, facilitated conversation where we will lift the lid on the real questions you need to ask before you start collaborating.

Together we will tackle the tough questions:

• What is collaboration, really?
• When is it co-creation and when is it collusion … or a cop-out?
• When should you collaborate and when should you go it alone?
• What are the danger signs and how can you improve your chances of success? 

Social Leadership Australia has worked with hundreds of leaders over thirteen years and seen both the allure of collaboration ... and the traps.

We believe collaborating across difference is one of the core leadership skills we need to breakthrough many of our toughest challenges. Fortunately this is a skill that can be learnt.

Join us as we reveral how to recognise when to collaborate, how to collaborate and what that means to you.

SLA Alumni - free
Guests - $25, including breakfast


::::::: NEWS ::::::

The Art and Skill of Collaboration is the first of a new series of Masterclasses to be offered by SLA in 2013. Developed and delivered in collaboration with US facilitator Julie Diamond, The Art and Skill of Collaboration will be a highly practical 'hands-on' workshop for a maximum of 30 people in Sydney from 21-23 March. A fantastic opportunity to make progress on your particular collaborative challenge.

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