The Sydney Leadership experience


Rosamund Christie, Program Manager of Sydney Leadership on the Sydney Leadership experience:

"Surrendering yourself to a program in which you are encouraged to abandon certainty and to accept that exercising leadership does not come with easy answers is the experience of Sydney Leadership.

As the Program Manager, I watch participants engage with complex ideas and work slowly to diagnose and hypothesise before moving to action in exercising leadership. There is nothing that participants encounter that does not test their assumptions and force them to look closely at themselves. They are taken out of their comfort zones, developing new skills, and furthering their understanding of the purpose and meaning of their leadership work. 

Our participants arrive in pristine river surroundings, and later find themselves grappling with complex issues of authority and power in the political capital. This is explored as a complex social issue; a complementary lens to building their own leadership capability. And along this journey I watch them share in supporting and challenging one another, learning to express conflict without losing relationship,  building a shared understanding, and  laughing together.  All this is done in the service of developing individual leadership capability and contributing to a more civil society."

Rosamund Christie





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