Sophi Bruce BA, MSc

Sophi is an Associate Facilitator with Social Leadership Australia. She also designs and delivers experiential programs that focus on thinking systemically, developing leadership and handling change.

She currently runs the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government’s Advancing Leadership Initiative and has strategic responsibility for a suite of programs at the University Technology, Sydney committed to building leadership capacity across the local government sector on a national level. 

As a founder of a systems thinking reciprocal mentoring group in the UK, Sophi has worked with a range of Government bodies and NGOs providing specialist input into holistic change programs using adaptive leadership and systems thinking. Her work with the Local Leadership Centre and the National School of Government directly contributed to new national initiatives around place shaping, handling complexity and joint working. Sophi is an executive coach and an authorised assessor of the Leadership Development Framework. She regularly contributes to conferences and seminars, and has curated for the International Association for Public Participation. Sophi has previously worked with SLA on alumni initiatives and has participated in the Leading Learning program.

Sophi has spent time both in the UK, France and Australia, and is now based in Sydney. Her career began in university lecturing and academic research and she also spent a decade in senior management roles within the broadcasting and events sector. Her formative years were spent growing up in a commune learning the basics of collaboration, perspective sharing and tolerance.