QLD Leadership Regional Intensives

Jennifer Cullen, CEO, SynapsesRegional Intensives -Cairns, Roma 2013

Change is possible

Social Leadership Australia's new Queensland Leadership Regional Intensives in Cairns and Roma in 2013 are part of a vision for a new direction in leadership in Queensland. They are designed to foster connections amongst leaders in different sectors, and to generate new ideas and ways of working to address the real-world challenges that matter most to the future of the state.

The Regional Intensives will bring sustained, world-class leadership development within the reach of rural and regional Queenslanders. And they will kick-start the development of a new network of leaders who can work together to make a real different where it matters most—locally.

Complex problems - A new approach

The complex problems we see across regional and rural Queensland call for a new approach to leadership. We're talking about 'wicked' problems with multiple stakeholders and no obvious solution, such as the ones created by rival interests of:

  • economic growth and environmental sustainability
  • mining and agriculture
  • short term projects and the long-term sustainability of regional communities.

Complex problems also have challenging social impacts. They affect things like employment, health, social cohesion and community wellbeing.

No doubt you can identify issues like this in your community.

At Social Leadership Australia we call these adaptive problems. Adaptive problems have no 'quick fix'. They require everyone affected to participate in change to evolve to a new, lasting solution. They call for collective commitment and a preparedness to do something different.

What the Intensive includes

Social Leadership Australia's proven leadership model generates pathways to true collaboration to solve complex adaptive problems. It's a powerful, transformational approach that is both inspirational—it's connected with our deepest values and sense of purpose—and realistic—it imparts a highly pragmatic skill-set using a Harvard model to lead through uncertainty and find new ways forward for the long term.

The three-month Regional Intensives will include:

  • Personal leadership skills: develop your effectiveness as a leader; learn to work politically; how to use formal and informal authority; working with people with different viewpoints and using conflict to generate breakthroughs.
  • Learn the Harvard Adaptive Leadership model: diagnose the causes of complex problems and identify areas for potential intervention and experimentation to create new pathways to change.
  • Build local networks: connect with leaders from other sectors an areas and be a part of an enduring legacy of local leaders with a shared desire and ability to effect real change.

Key dates


  • 23 April 2013, Earlybird rates end
  • 14 May 2013, Applications close
  • 28-31 May 2013, Foundation module
  • June-July 2013, Group coaching (to be scheduled)
  • 11-12 July 2013, Integration module

ROMA PROGRAM- In progress

Cost & Applications

The cost of the Queensland Leadership three-month Regional Intensive is $4,950 OR $2,475 for successful scholarship applicants.

A number of half-scholarships have been made available for these programs with the support of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. Scholarships are intended for those people who would be unable to participate in the program without financial support. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please provide this information with your application, together with a written rationale.

To apply for the program please download, complete and submit the application form below. Applications for the Cairns program close on 14 May 2013.

Find out more / contact us

Download the Queensland Leadership Regional Intensives - Roma brochure below for a preliminary program overview.

Contact our Programs Coordinator, Jo Singleton t 07 3170 4618 or e joanne.singleton@benevolent.org.au for more information or to be added to our mailing list to receive a new brochure when it is available.

Contact our Practice Manager, Terri Soller t 02 9339 8096 or e terri.soller@benevolent.org.au for specific enquiries about Social Leadership Australia's approach to leadership development and to discuss whether this program is for you or your organisation.

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