NDIS is here - are you ready?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the most significant social reform since Medicare - a welcome system for people with a disability and a significant adaptive challenge for service providers.

NDIS requires a market style, person centre approach from service providers. Competition is stronger than ever before, clients have choice and they will exercise that choice to gain quality services that meet their unique needs. For many service providers this means that the current way of operating and being - the status quo - will no longer be enough if they wish to thrive and survive.

Our clients in this sector know that the NDIS presents a once in a generation opportunity for their organisation. They know that they must create a culture of collaboration and the space for innovation that leads to new service models that achieve better results for clients. The NDIS  presents to the sector and these organisations an adaptive challenge; where technical fixes or silver bullets won’t solve the problem or fix the future.

Successful adaptive change builds on the past rather than jettisons it, but it does involve new thinking and leadership practice, it requires a different mindset and behaviours from all employees, diversity and collaboration for innovation and experimentation. It also involves some loss. This type of change starts at the executive level and extends to front line employees.

At Social Leadership Australia we work with people who are hungry to do their best work for social impact. We bring into the learning space the conditions that exist within participants’ environment, provide the tools to analyse and diagnose their system and support them to develop the skills they need to lead sustainable change when they return to their role.  By bringing the complex issues faced by participants into the centre of the learning they are able to make real progress on the things that matter now and for the future. They develop the capacity to lead well and mobilise others to make change and deal with the losses that come with that change.

If you are an NDIS service provider and finding yourself bogged down in the “busyness” and complexities generated by the changes in your sector and you are seeking to find a way to better position your organisation for the future, we would be happy to discuss our work and find useful ways to work with you.

Please contact Julie Ahern on 02 8262 3585 or email julie.ahern@benevolent.org.au


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