Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan has been involved in leadership development for the past 25 years, and has worked across government, non-government organisations and the community sector.

Lisa began her career working with youth organisations, where she ran traditional and experiential leadership development programs.  Ever since, she has been working to help people make progress on the issues that matter to them.  

Lisa is a social worker by training, and believes that change requires both individuals and systems to adapt.  Lisa has worked in senior policy and management roles within the NSW Ministry of Health, as well as adult education and health promotion, community development, and case management roles.  

Lisa currently runs a consultancy practice working with health and human services to get better results for disadvantaged individuals and communities.  Lisa's practice reflects her commitment to both individual development and systemic change, and incorporates individual coaching, action-learning, leadership training, strategic planning and policy development.  

Lisa is an alumna of Sydney Leadership 2007.