Leading to jobs

16 JUNE 2014

Image from the GenerationOne websiteIn a new partnership with GenerationOne, Social Leadership Australia will be working with leaders and emerging leaders from the new suite of Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs) which are being set up as part of a $45 million Australian Government commitment to connect up to 5,000 Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs in 2014.  

Based on the GenerationOne employment model, VTECs connect Indigenous job seekers with guaranteed jobs and bring together the support services necessary to prepare job seekers for long term employment. The key feature is the guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts. 

The new VTECs must operate with the support and involvement of local Indigenous communities and their leaders, and be aligned to the values and needs of both Indigenous communities and employers. 

With multiple stakeholders involved in addressing complex challenges in a relatively high stakes environment, the aims of the Leaders in Indigenous Vocational Training and Employment Program are to support staff to: 

  • ensure high quality and consistent delivery of GenerationOne’s VTEC model 
  • build their adaptive leadership skills and 
  • create a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous VTEC managers so they can share knowledge and provide peer to peer mentoring to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders.  

Social Leadership Australia is pleased to be playing such an important role in this innovative and practical initiative. 

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