Jane Martin, D Psych Clinical

Clinical psychologist, educator, consultant, facilitator and coach, Dr Jane Martin has worked across multiple sectors—including health, education and the community service sectors—for the past two and a half decades. Jane has a wide range of experience in building the capacity of individuals, groups and systems facing adaptive challenges and an extensive understanding of leading change in both theory and practice.

In addition to her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Jane is a Graduate of the Process Oriented Psychology Institute Portland Oregon and is an accredited Deep Democracy facilitator.

In her training and development role—including mentoring and supervising social change agents from psychology, social work, various types of consultancy and the delivery team staff at Social Leadership Australia— Jane is responsible for overseeing the strategic work of dozens of practitioners who are working to create better leadership for a better Australia.

Jane has coached senior executives in both a one-to-one and small group context. She teaches coaching in Australia and New Zealand and supervises and mentors practitioners in their coaching provision to business and government. Jane has been coaching for Sydney Leadership for the past eight years.