Conference lights the way for collaborative leadership in Australia

Collective Impact 2014—Convene, Immerse, Learn

Sydney 25-26 February 2014


For the first time, Australians will hear directly from the leaders of Collective Impact initiatives which are producing dramatic results that improve people’s lives in the United States and Australia at a conference in Sydney tomorrow. 

Speakers will present compelling evidence on how this approach is getting better results for people and communities and saving money.

From New York, Emily Tow Jackson, innovative philanthropist and Executive Director of  the Tow Foundation, will  show how a Collective Impact approach to the New York Juvenile Justice system has nearly halved the number of youth in custody.

From Los Angeles, Patricia Bowie and Lila Guirguis will present the preliminary results of the large-scale, 70-partner Magnolia Community Initiative which supports 35,000 children, 65% of whom live in poverty, with high rates of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence.

Case studies will also be presented on how this new collaborative approach is producing exciting change in Australian communities such as:

  • Children’s Ground in West Arnhem (NT)
  • the Tomorrow Today Foundation in Benalla (Vic) and
  • 90 Homes for 90 Lives in Woolloomooloo (NSW).

“What’s exciting about these examples is that they show us how we can break the cycle of throwing money at communities without achieving the change that’s needed. They show us how we can engage in true collaboration across all groups and sectors involved and create real change,” said conference co-convenor, Liz Skelton, Principal Consultant at Social Leadership Australia.

“Historically we have responded to these issues with well-meaning programs, but in many cases these are championed by singular organisations, or sectors, or individuals, without a shared agreement on outcomes or a coordinated goal. We need a better way of working to make meaningful impact for people in places of disadvantage,” said conference co-convenor, Kerry Graham, Collective Impact Consultant at the Centre for Social Impact.

Collective Impact 2014 is co-presented by the Centre for Social Impact and Social Leadership Australia with the aim of developing Australia’s capability to work with the Collective Impact framework— to deliver better impacts in communities, and a better return on the millions of dollars invested in social change efforts by government, community, business and the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors in Australia.

The sell-out, two-day event will be attended by 200 not-for-profit, government and business leaders from across the country.


More about Collective Impact

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