The Art & Skill of Collaboration Masterclass


15-16 August 2017.

A two-day specialised leadership Masterclass.

We often hear “collaboration” talked about as the solution to complex problems - how do you prevent homelessness? Improve the lives of people with disability? Get better outcomes for kids at risk?  Often the answer is collaborate, collaborate and more collaborate.

At Social Leadership Australia we see collaboration as both the biggest challenge and greatest opportunity in every system we work in; in business, in government, in the not-for-profit sector and in the community.

Effective collaborations bring together stakeholders with lots of different perspetives, values, priorities and definitions of success.  When a collaboration is working well, it can harness all that diversity to be more innovative, more impactful and more integrated. 

In our experience, getting a collaboration to fulfil that potential can be challenging.  People stop turning up to meetings, there’s unspoken conflict about who does what, and different agendas at play. 

The Art & Skill of Collaboration is a two day Masterclass that will provide you with cutting-edge leadership theory and new skills to lead your collaborations to success.  



What will I take away from the Art & Skill of Collaboration Masterclass?

The Masterclass covers the theory, the practice and  the core skills of collaboration including what collaboration is, when it’s useful to collaborate, what stops collaborations from succeeding and strategies for developing strong collaborations that achieve results. By the end of the program you will have new insights, new skills and an action plan to progress your own collaborative initiative and solve your toughest challenges!

This program is intended to strengthen participants’ ability to: 

  • Recognise the purpose of collaboration and the contexts where collaboration is most useful.
  • Understand the factors which make collaboration more difficult, including competition and control.
  • Map your collaboration, including identifying what’s already working well and how to build on that, what might be getting in the way, and where there might be untapped potential.
  • Learn and practise skills in building collaboration and working with conflict.
  • Implement strategies to work effectively with diverse interests, loyalties and values among stakeholders.


Who is this for?

This is an opportunity for people from across all sectors who are  working on or planning to commence a  collaborative challenge.

At Social Leadership Australia we believe that “leadership is a role, not a position”, which means that everyone involved in a collaboration can exercise leadership to enable the collaboration to be more effective.  So this Masterclass is for anyone involved in a collaboration, whether you are the person ‘in charge’ or ‘just a part of the team’.

This Masterclass has been designed for people who are working on:

  • Cross –sector projects:
    • Initiatives which bring NGOs, government and community together to solve an ongoing problem, whether it’s a complex social issue or improving service access and service models
    • Collaboration within or between government departments
    • Collaborations between the NGO, government and corporate sector.
  • Organisations undergoing organisational development, culture change and innovation.
  • Companies developing CSR, social investing, community stakeholder engagement.


Event details

Date: Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 August 2017

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: The Holiday Inn - Potts Point. 203 Victoria St, Potts Point.


Pricing - GST inclusive

  • Alumni of Social Leadership Australia: $990 |
  • Not-for-profit and Individual Sole Traders: $1,210 |
  • Corporate or Government: $1,540 |



Please follow the link below for secure online booking and payment.



For more information please contact Nathalie Kats, Program Coordinator, on 02 8262 3582 or email



Julie Ahern

Julie has over 25 years experience in leadership roles in government, corporate and not for profit sector organisations. She has extensive experience in leading company-wide change initiatives, individual, team and system development. , business development, consultancy, sales and operational management. She has been a member of executive teams accountable for the performance of Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Construction and Service Delivery Functions. Julie has experience in facilitating successful cross functional collaborations, and also carries the bruises and deep learning of failed collaborations and strategic partnerships.

In her role as Director at Social Leadership Australia Julie is responsible for the strategic development of SLA’s work to: develop leadership capability with purpose, work with organisations and communities to tackle the big issues and embed culture change as well as create and share new thinking that makes people want to lead well.

Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan has been a member of the SLA team for the past 5 years and working with the adaptive leadership model for the past ten years.  Lisa is a social worker with more than 25 years experience working in policy, direct service delivery and every role in between and has vast experience of leading and participating in collaborations, including relatively contained collaborations on improving service delivery, through to cross-sector efforts to prevent HIV and viral hepatits and ambitious whole-of-government initiatives to improve outcomes for vulnerable individuals. 

Lisa’s passion is improving systems to get better results for individuals and communities.  She does this through helping people to get up on the balcony, see the system as a whole, recognise the strengths and capabilities they personally bring, and start experimenting with new ways of leading.