The Art & Skill of Collaboration

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A two-day specialised leadership masterclass.

Collaboration seems to be the magic word. For a government department working with 'wicked' social or environmental problems, for a corporation tackling sustainability, organisational change or innovation, or for an NGO looking to partner to deliver meaningful impact at the community level, collaboration promises a way forward.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has 'been there and done that' knows, collaboration is difficult work. Most attempts at it fail.

The Art & Skill of Collboration masterclass has been designed to help you develop the leadership skills you need to succeed in this complex and challenging task. After the success of our first masterclass of the 2013 series in Sydney, we are running the Art and Skill of Collaboration masterclass in Brisbane in August.

Who is this for?

This is an opportunity for change-makers working on a complex collaborative challenge, for example:

  • Cross-sector projects: government departments working with other levels of government and/or other departments, as well as not-for-profits, community organisations and/or corporate entities to tackle complex social or environmental issues with diverse stakeholders.
  • Organisations undergoing organisational development, culture change and innovation.
  • Companies developing CSR, social investing, community stakeholder engagement.

Find out more & register

Download our Art & Skill of Collaboration brochure (below) to find out more about this masterclass, including more about the facilitators and what is covered in the two days.

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Hear what some of the recent particpants have to say after completing The Art and Skill of Collaboration Masterclass:

"It was powerful, real learning, that you learn in your bones. I know I'll be processing this and learning from it well into the future. The first social leadership australia course I attended took me 2.5 years to process! Incremental change and learning is the only kind of true learning and change. I would recommend it and have already. I think it presents a more powerful aspirational model, grounded firmly in reality, and gives people real frameworks that they can refer to and use in challenging situations."

"Collaboration is such an important tool for change and Education is about change. As a leader I need to understand the process of collaboration and lead this in my workplace. Your course has enabled me to depth this understanding and I would not hesitate in recommending it to others in the educational sector."

Recent key dates

28-29 August 2013 - Masterclass applications closed. Check back for the next upcoming dates.


Registrations & enquiries

To find out more contact Julie Ahern, National Programs Manager on t 02 8262 3585 or e

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