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Opportunities to learn Action Learning Facilitation &/or join the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Talent Pool

Posted by Meredith Turnbull
25th January 2013

SSE was established in Australia in 2009 and has had many Sydney Leadership alumni involved in its establishment, ongoing operations and governance. Last year I was commissioned to develop the SSE Australia action learning approach, and to develop a training program to support best practice facilitation. MORE >

Great opportunity to create community impact by working with corporations in Asia

Posted by Doug Taylor
25th January 2013


Relationship Development Manager

This role is a critical part of United Way’s new team in Asia Pacific. It will focus on developing new corporate and foundation partnerships to support United Way’s community impact strategies in South Asia and the Pacific. The role can be based In Sydney or Melbourne and will include travel in the region for up to 50% of the year. The role suits a candidate with strong relationship development skills and a passion for getting results. It’s desirable that the candidate has regional experience in either sales or corporate philanthropy. Read more about the strategy and job opportunity at: MORE >

Invitation to join new network for rural & regional Community Entrepreneurs

Posted by Adam Blakester
10th January 2013

Late last year Starfish Enterprises and EvolveNetwork initiated a new network aiming to find and connect community and social entrepreneurs* who are working throughout rural and regional Australia.

The purpose of the group is to share information, learn from each other and get to know each other. Over time we believe this could grow and become a useful “community of practice”.

Let me know if you are interested to join this network or would like to discuss this further.

Cheers, and all the best for 2013.

Adam Blakester (Alumni, Sydney Leadership 2004)

adam@starfishenterprises.net | 0419 808 900 | 02 6775 2501

* Download a one-page information sheet with more information about social enterprise and their work in the fast growing fourth sector here.


The Way Forward: An address by the 2012 Sydney Leadership program graduates

Posted by Rachael Vincent
23rd November 2012


A speech for the Sydney Leadership 2012 graduation

22 November 2012

We find ourselves here at the edge of learning. At the end of a year, at the end of a journey of awareness and the development of new skills. We stand at the beginning of something new.

What began here eight months ago, beset by fear, uncertainty and hope has progressed, in silent subtle ways, in voice, in resilience, in awareness. With eyes wide open.

If our days at Woolloomooloo have taught us anything, it is this, that while work may be good, it may not be effective. While it may be just, and noble and right, it may also sustain a false economy. Clothed in a wicked guise of hoped for, but unanticipated resolution, a panacea for the ills of the few, bound together by righteousness and a lightening of our moral burden.

Our time in Kariong made evident the gaps between systems, where the disadvantaged fall every day and where Omelas looks away from the the heavy walls, double fences and linoleum floors of our incarcerated youth. MORE >

Help! Connections wanted for new regional Qld programs

Posted by Terri Soller
13th November 2012

Clark Thompson, Sydney Leadership graduate working in regional Qld on the cover of the brochureSocial Leadership Australia is developing two new leadership programs specifically targeted at the needs of regional Queensland communities and we'd love to hear from you if you know anyone in Roma, Dalby, Charleville or surrounds who might be interested in being a part of the process.

The invitation is to come and take part in a local roundtable discussion with other people from business, government and not-for-profit organisations in December.

Roundtables will also be held in Cairns region - dates to be announced (please contact us and we'll put you on our mailing list for those.)

The aim of the roundtables is to identify the key areas of need for new leadership in regional Queensland and help shape a program with the greatest potential for real impact where it's needed.

This will also be an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and start a new network of local movers and shakers interested in working together to help create a better future for their state. MORE >

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