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Launch of National Leadership Survey

Posted by Synergistiq
27th February 2013

Are you a leader in the community, public or private sector?

We want to hear from you via the

Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading for the Common Good


 The Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading For The Common Good will explore:

·         The extent to which contemporary leaders in the 21st century believe they have a responsibility to contribute to the common good by influencing or creating positive social change

·         The challenges and opportunities for leaders. MORE >

FAR REACHING LEADERSHIP: Leadership development for early career leaders in the social sector

Posted by Jo Taylor
13th February 2013

In 2008, FAR Social Enterprise (Jackie Ruddock SL2006 and Jo Taylor SL2004) was lucky enough to get some funding from the Westpac Foundation to look into the training and development needs (focusing on leadership and management) in the not for profit sector.  It was a collaborative piece developed involving many of the SL alumni including Roger West (SL2001) and Doug Taylor (SL 2004) and the report was written by David Hardie (SL2004) and Jenni Illoski. Many others from the alumni took part in the focus groups (thank you!) What we found out won't surprise many of you but we took the recommendations and were able to create a program with other members of SL Alumni - Meredith Turnbull (SL 2007) and Althea McKenzie (SL2008) to focus on development for people at the start of their leadership journey within the not for profit sector. FAR Reaching was born, closely followed by FAR Sighted, for those further ahead on their journey.  Those early incarnations were a sucess and Meredith is looking to run the programs again this year with a new cohort.  I've put the blurb for FAR Reaching below and if you are interested check out Meredith's website www.adaptiveprojects.org or give her a call 0437880101

  MORE >

Seeking a volunteer board member for SHINE for Kids

Posted by Helen Wiseman
12th February 2013

SHINE for Kids is a not for profit organisation that supports children who are impacted by having a parent in the criminal justice system.  These are children, aged 0-21, who face the trauma of losing Mum or Dad to prison. Aside from their grief and challenges in understanding what has happened to them and their family, these children can find themselves socially, economically and politically isolated.  Then there is the stigma that they can face even though they are also victims of the criminal justice system.  Affected kids come from all sections and geographies of society but the issue often "hidden". Children from an aboriginal background are unfortunately over-represented (20% of the kids SHINE for Kids helps).

SHINE for Kids operates in NSW (metro and regional), ACT and Victoria.  Our head office is based at Silverwater and our board meetings take place on Wednesday evenings in Sydney CBD. MORE >

Race for Change

Posted by Meg Russell
1st February 2013

This week we are launching the Race for Change - a corporate  team bike race established in 2013 to celebrate our 200 years anniversary! This is targeted at teams of keen cyclists in the corporate world but could also be of interest to government and other organisations. Teams will race against each other and raise money for The Benevolent Society while doing so!


Please pass this on to your network and to your staff and their networks to encourage more teams to register and raise money. 


All details can be found on the website - please click through below.




Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading for the Common Good

Posted by Synergistiq
30th January 2013



 Are you a leader in the community, public or private sector?

We want to hear from you via the

Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading for the Common Good MORE >

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