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Calling bike riders - join us and Race for Change on May 9th 2014

Posted by Wendy Wilson
1st April 2014

Race for Change is a one-day corporate team cycling event now in its second year.

Last year 20 corporate teams entered the race and raised over $160,000 to help Australian families in need to change their lives. It was a lot of fun – great venue, tough competition, team spirit, friendly rivalry - and this year we expect the same only with more teams.

The teams came from many categories including banking, retail, media, telecommunications, accounting, consulting, insurance and construction– the competition between teams was fierce!

John Needham from ANZ said, “Helping to remove disadvantage early gives kids a chance and this support can have a lifelong impact. I heard a great cycling analogy –sometimes when you drop off the peloton, it just takes someone to give you some help to get you back to the pack.”

We are encouraging our corporate contacts to field a team, have a fun day out and provide support for the Benevolent Society to help families in need change their lives.

The website is live with all details and links to handy hints for fundraising plus lots of other information.

www.raceforchange.org.au MORE >

The Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay

Posted by Tim Senior
3rd March 2014

I entered the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition, aed nd much to my surprise, won first prize. The topic was Climate Change and Equity, and I wrote about the way we discuss climate change, and how this excludes those who are most affected by it. You can read it here http://inside.org.au/climate-change-and-equity-whose-language-is-it-anyway/ Have a read, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and feel free to spread it widely. It will be published with 5 of the other entries in an e-book in the future.

My Leadership Matters

Posted by Diana Qian
1st March 2014

I invite you to imagine people with disability being leaders in their own lives and in society. Here is an opportunity to make this vision into a reality. Please promote the My Leadership Matters program through your networks and encourage people with disability to consider participating in this leadership program. http://www.mychoicematters.org.au/become-leader.html

Launch of Pets4Life

Posted by Cathy Beer
13th December 2013

Cathy Beer (SL10) created a new website www.pets4life.com.au, which was launched at Willoughby Council on 3rd December 2013.  Guests included Councillor Wendy Norton, veterinarian, Dr Cathie Savage and supporters.

Pets4Life is a community resource for pet owners and those who are thinking of adding a cat or dog to the family.  The aim of the site is to help people to make good choices about pet ownership, and ultimately reduce animal surrender.



The Way Forward - a speech by Sydney Leadership 2013

Posted by Brenna Hobson
12th November 2013

The Way Forward - a speech by Sydney Leadership 2013

Spoken and published by Brenna Hobson on behalf of the Sydney Leadership 2013 graduates at the Sydney Leadership 2013 graduation ceremony

View the 2013 Sydney Graduate Directory Here

I’d like to acknowledge Gadigal People of the Eora nation, the custodians of the land on which we meet today.

I’d also like to thank everyone at Social Leadership Australia for what has been a big, inspiring, difficult eight months. Terri, Lauren, Lisa, Geoff, Julie, Diana, and Liz particular.

This speech has been largely crowd sourced so anything that you like probably came from someone else and I thank them, anything you don’t I take full responsibility for.  

So I’ve been asked to synthesise the thoughts of 25 pretty diverse people on exercising leadership, representing the values of Sydney Leadership 2013 and also providing a leadership intervention, with the words of the great American orators as inspiration, all in ten minutes. No worries mate, piece of cake. MORE >

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