Learning Stones: Creating a place for cultural engagement in schools

Posted by John Murray
12th March 2013

Last year I attended Social Leadership Intensive for Indigenous Leaders program in Sydney and would like to share part of the journey I am on. The project I created is 'Learning Stones': a safe space to initiate conversations for indigenous and non-indigenous communities alike.

Developing Cultural Meeting Places

The Learning Stones initiative is the combined work of families, schools and community groups to build stronger ties and greater awareness of local indigenous culture.

To date in South Gippsland and Bass Coast, the Learning Stones project has 35 sites in every State Primary and Secondary school / 1 catholic school / 1 TAFE/ 7 Kindergartens and Coal Creek Heritage Village at various stages of development. Four schools have already had official openings and 3 – 5 openings in term 2 are planned.

There has been wide interest shown in other areas in regards to the project - Frankston/ Sale/ Barinsdale/ Fountian Gate/ Pakenham - in Moe there have started to create a Learning Stone site at Elizabeth St primary school. 

The website for the Learning Stones project for cultural engagment in schools is now up and we are in the process of developing our Resource page. The Resource page will include an online interactive classroom linked to Facebook and can be uploaded on Youtube.