Enhance your coaching with neuroscience

Posted by Connie Henson
11 July 2013 - 10:42am

29 August 2013 - 9:00am - 30 August 2013 - 4:30pm

Level 5, 207 Kent Street Sydney

Coaching is one of the key mechanisms that organisations and individuals use to drive behavioural and cultural change. But how do you do that effectively in the current business climate, when people are often time poor and the pace of change is accelerating?

Recent findings in neuroscience related to thinking errors/ biases, emotion and brain plasticity provide coaches with some new approaches for helping clients leverage these challenges.

This practical two-day workshop will help you tap into some new neurobehavioural insights and tools to help your clients make positive changes that ‘stick’. http://www.learningquest.com.au/public-programs.htm

What to expect

The workshop will provide you with a range of practical techniques to use in your daily coaching practice to help clients better understand their own brain and behaviour, reinforce change efforts and rewire their brains to not only become more effective leaders but also improve their wellbeing. Each participant is encouraged to bring along their own current coaching challenges to be used as personalised case studies for applying new learning and skills. Research, concepts and techniques are centred on practical issues that coaches deal with in their daily work. 

Coaching areas covered in the workshop include:

• Neuroplasticity – how the brain can change itself in response to new experiences and how an understanding of learning and memory neurobiology can lead to sustainable behavioural change

• Automatic and complex thinking – the impact common cognitive errors and mental biases can have on thinking and decision-making and the role of coaching in identifying and overcoming self-limiting behaviours (e.g. narrow thinking, over-confidence, inflexibility)

• The emotional brain – understanding the intricate relationship between emotion, perception, thinking and learning; exploring the impact chronic stress has on the brain and how to help your clients learn to control their emotional reactivity, build resilience and enhance their thinking and learning

• The social brain – recognising the effect social influences have on our perception, judgement and behaviour; how coaches can use recent findings from brain imaging research to demonstrate to clients how these influences literally change what we ‘see’

• Self-discipline – exploring the complex relationship between choices, habits, and willpower; how coaches can use research related to decision fatigue and habitual behaviour to help clients use their time more effectively, make choices consistent with their values and achieve goals that are important to them

• Coaching relationship development – examining the neurobehavioural basis for coaching relationships and how to create the conditions that are most conducive to learning and sustainable change; improving relationship-building skills and discovering new ideas for facilitating a strong learning platform for clients

Who should participate?

Leaders, professional coaches and consultants with some experience coaching others will benefit from this workshop. The workshop is particularly suited for people who work in complex and rapidly changing environments



Dr Connie Henson designs and delivers custom leadership development programs through Learning Quest, the company she founded 12 years ago. During this time, Connie has coached leaders at all levels from a broad range of different backgrounds – from not-for-profit organisations to large multinational corporations.

With a PhD in Counselling from the University of North Texas, Connie was a social scientist before switching to leadership development. This scientific discipline and the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and leadership continue to influence her approach to coaching and leadership development. Find out more about Connie and her company at www.learningquest.com.au.


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