Doing Business with Authority

Posted by Geoff Aigner
28th June 2011

We hear a lot about how to lead others but little on how to work with those with more authority than us. Looking around the world we are either seducing or attacking those in authority and struggle to find other ways. 

We are working more on this question at SLA. What do you think?

- What gets in the way of doing business with authority?

- How could we do "better business" with authority and make progress?


What do you think?


Scholarships for Visions for the Future

Posted by Christopher Saunders
23rd June 2011

$3,000 scholarships are available for 10 people to present their vision for the future at the three day Creative Innovation 2011 event to be held at the Sofitel in Melbourne 16-18 November.

Winners will be able to rub shoulders with Dr Edward de Bono and Entrepreneur Raymond Kurzweil amongst 35 other international and Australian guest speakers attending the conference.

The scholarships will be awarded to people who can show they are potential leaders of tomorrow, exhibit moral courage and who have a remarkable vision for the future.

An Innovation Leaders Panel will review all applications.


Costa's Amazing Dream

Posted by Peter Forday
15th June 2011

This is the first of a series of articles about an inspiring community leader that some of my syndicate group colleagues had the pleasure of meeting during QLP-09/10. It can be found on http://www.scribd.com/pforday or on this great new website that is linking business and community in Logan City.


3 Things for Social Change

Posted by Christopher Saunders
15th June 2011

A new charity campaign supported by Oxfam and aimed at Gen Ys called 3 Things aims to challenge the notion that young people are reluctant to help others.

“What are 3things that you can do to help change the world?” asks the website, which summarises the basis of the campaign. By giving three minutes, three weeks, or three actions, the site says, Gen Ys can contradict offensive stigma that they’re lazy good-for-nothings, and contribute to social change.

The campaign involves getting creative, and relies on the pebble in the ocean theory - that is, one good deed, regardless of size, can contribute to a world movement.

This idea is reflected in the campaign: “together our collective actions have a massive flow on effect and can impact the wellbeing of our poorest and most marginalised neighbours, as well as the environment.”

The site allows users to update the 3 things they are doing to contribute to world change.

With the 3 Things Movement, Social change seems easy enough.

Check out the website 3things.org.au

Introduction for SLA Alumni

Posted by Christopher Saunders
5th May 2011

What is the SLA Online Community?

For many years SLA alumni have communicated with each other using the mailing list Scruffy Wombat. Scruffy Wombat has been a great friend to many and has served us well. Due to overwork and old age, Scruffy Wombat was retired in February 2011. The Community section of this site has been designed to replace Scruffy Wombat. It provides greater opportunities for networking and encourages promotion of leadership initiatives and projects being carried out by community members.

Why a Website? MORE >

SLA Website Feedback

Posted by Christopher Saunders
18th April 2011

This is the place for feedback and comments about what is working or not on this site. It will help us enormously if you could feedback your experience of signing up and creating a profile as well as any issues you may encounter whilst trying to post information.

If you identify any other details - typos, formatting or incorrect information, please let us know.

This site relies on input from its users - you - to keep information relevant, up to date and accurate.

Northcott Narratives Public Housing Work

Posted by Christopher Saunders
12th April 2011

It has been rewarding revisiting the Big hART Northcott Narratives public housing project over the last few months.

I recently returned from 2 weeks in Rotterdam in Holland where Big hART was invited to present the Northcott work for the International Community Arts Conference (ICAF). The theme of the conference was " The Power of Community Arts" - the power to make a difference. My 3-hour presentation showcased the project and explored the processes implemented over the projects 4 year time frame as well as examining the repercussions and legacy of the work. Interestingly there were a few people in the room who were familiar with the project – one from UK who is doing a PHD in which the Big hART Northcott work is central.

The workshop was conducted in a former school in an inner city area of Rotterdam that is undergoing much regeneration. There were similarities between the Northcott community centre and the room we were in.  We served tea and biscuits and sat around tables. When we played 900 Neighbours and showed the tenant by tenant portraits, it was as if Northcott had been transposed to Europe, where it seemed to fit in quite comfortably. MORE >

Sydney is in your hands

Posted by Michael West
13th March 2011

Dear SL alumni, In June of this year the world lost a passionate social justice advocate, Sandy Duncanson. In recognition of Sandy’s profound commitment to social justice, we have set up a fund in his name through the University of Tasmania Foundation.

The Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Fund is now open for donations. The aim is to grant funds each year to an undergraduate student with a demonstrated commitment to social justice. The selection will be through an application process managed through the UTAS Law School. Bursary applicants will be asked to explicate how the funds could be used to further both their university studies and the cause that they are furthering.

The University are also proposing that a memorial lecture be held each year, inviting leading academics, activists, and public figures to present social justice issues to undergraduates, the legal faculty and the general public. This will also be an opportunity to invite recipients of the bursary to share their outcomes. The Law School in particular are hoping to use the annual lecture to re-invigorate the social justice focus in their faculty. MORE >

From Secret Women's Business to Women In Leadership Dialogue (WILD)

Posted by Meredith Turnbull
13th March 2011

Earlier in the year we sent out an invitation for women to participate in two retreats focussing on gender, leadership and power. We were quite overwhelmed by the interest this initiative generated from women from all walks of life. We are now planning for the second retreat in May. We thought it would be good to provide an update on what we got up to, how you can find out more about what happened in February and participate in some of the exercises, and how, if you want to, you can get involved in the May retreat. At the February retreat, we decided to change the name of this project to Women In Leadership Dialogue (WILD). The February Retreat In mid February 13 women met at the beautiful Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat and challenged ourselves to look honestly and openly at our role and then worked together as a group to look at how we as women work for and against gender, where we exercise leadership and when and how we use our power. It's hard to convey what the weekend was like. As individuals and as a group, we naturally took different things away from it. If any of the following info piques your interest then I hope you will be able to join us for either a one day workshop on Sunday 18th April in Sydney or the next weekend retreat in May when we return to the nurturing Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. Here are two quotes from the weekend. MORE >

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