Posted by Christopher Saunders
23rd September 2011

How do you make decisions stick?
How do use your authority to make progress and use the added wisdom of the "minority voice"?
Social Leadership Australia has been using Deep Democracy processes on our progams since 2009. This November, we are presenting a workshop which takes this powerful model out of the workshop or classroom setting and translates it into the everyday leadership contexts that we face.
Held over two days in Sydney and facilitated by Myrna Lewis, Co-Founder of Deep Democracy, together with senior Social Leadership Australia program directors, this is a unique opportunity for SLA Alumni to learn how to work with this powerful leadership tool.
SPECIAL OFFER FOR SLA ALUMNI: SLA program alumni are invited to participate in Deep Democracy In Leadership at the reduced rate of $1,600 (a savings of 10%).
TO REGISTER: Call (02) 9339 8089 or email leadership@bensoc.org.au with your contact details. Hurry! Places will be limited.
Sydney, 3-4 November 2011 MORE >

New organisation - Sydney Alliance is holding its Foundational Assembly on Thursday 15 Sept

Posted by Christopher Saunders
14th September 2011

"The Sydney Alliance brings together diverse community organisations, unions and religious organisations to advance the common good and achieve a fair, just and sustainable city. We do this by providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them, their families and everyone working and living in Sydney. The Sydney Alliance is a non-party political organisation."

The Sydney Alliance is holding its Foundational Assembly on Thursday 15 Sept at 6:30pm at the Town Hall.

 Browse to http://www.sydneyalliance.org.au/ for more details




The PM is an authority figure, not a Big Brother contestant - Geoff Aigner on the Drum

Posted by Christopher Saunders
14th September 2011

Geoff Aigner recently posted this article on ABC's The Drum. There has been over 160 comments and it has generated much debate. You may wish to add your voice also. Browse to http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/2897192.html to contribute.


As we embark on yet another round of speculation about who will be our next prime minister, it's time to think about what we want in a new leader.

A woman probably won't work – and definitely not one who is confident, intelligent and articulate. Women such as Gillard, Bligh, Chikarovski and Keneally stir up way too much insecurity and vitriol. Let's not take any chances – let's rule women out.

Now for men. Smart and diligent? No that didn't work out too well for Rudd or Keating. Too smart. Too many words. Too much work.

Rugged and high-achieving? No, we scoff at Abbott. He's trying too hard. Cycles too much. Rhodes scholar.

A success story? Definitely not. No, we don't like Turnbull. Too successful. Made too much money.

So what do we want?

Well if the leader really must be intelligent, hardworking and competent, so be it – as long as they do it quietly.

John Howard was good. He was just a suburban solicitor. (He also delivered some of the biggest reforms to immigration and taxation policy in Australian history.) MORE >

ABC TV strictly speaking semi-final winner Mark Yettica-Paulson SL2003

Posted by Mark Yettica-Paulson
17th August 2011

Mark Yettica-Paulson on the Strictly Speaking siteThis is a link of me winning the Semi-Final of Strictly Speaking on ABC TV on Sunday night.  

The Grand Final will be shown on Sunday 28th August.

Strictly Speaking - Contestant - Mark Yettica-Paulson - ABC Television

Robbie, Liz and Geoff - you know that the only reason I am a good public speaker is that I have done Sydney Leadership!!!  MORE >

Costa's Congo

Posted by Peter Forday
3rd August 2011

Have you had success in engaging culturally diverse volunteers?

Posted by Peter Forday
3rd August 2011

Volunteering Queensland is seeking to acknowledge profile and reward organisations that have had some success in engaging volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds. This project - known as the PATHWAYS for Better Access - will identify best practice organisations and profile them as such through Volunteering Queensland activities and resources. Furthermore these best practice organisations will be eligible to discuss their process, issues and opportunities in an “Insight” style community consultation that will be developed into a Training DVD and Resource Kit. Additionally, these organisations will be offered additional networking, learning and education opportunities to further strengthen their programs. For example such opportunities might include:  MORE >


Posted by Annie Le Cavalier
19th July 2011

Join us for a power breakfast of insights, innovation and inspiration - it's food for thought. 

fastBREAK is a monthly series of rapid-fire interactive talks hosted by non-profit youth organisation Vibewire Youth Inc. and the Powerhouse Museum. Each month, five sharp young creative thinkers from various industries tackle big questions with five-minute responses around themes of creativity, commercialisation, collaboration, connections and conversation. Then, over breakfast, participants are invited to share ideas and experiences in conversations with the five speakers. 

Cost of $10 covers filter coffee, tea and delicious breakfast from Black Star Pastry. 

The Powerhouse Museum is at 500 Harris St, Ultimo. 

Arrive from 7.45am, talks start at 8am sharp (we'll finish up at 9am).

On 29 July, our thought leaders tackle the Sydney Design theme - Is Old New Again? They will discuss various aspects, including creativity, commercialisation, collaboration and connections, but they're only given five minutes to get their point across.  MORE >

Indigenous Women’s Leadership graduation

Posted by Jenni Hutchins
13th July 2011

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Indigenous Women’s Leadership graduation held at Campbelltown Civic Centre.

The date was attended by over 100 people, with family and friends there in droves to support the graduants.

Alana Moffatt, the key facilitator of the Group and Melina Isgro-Rarp, Manager of the Centre for Women’s Health both spoke after the day commenced with an Aboriginal Children’s Dance troupe dancing to Groovy Totems.  The day celebrated the third IWL group finishing.  Melina spoke about the inspirational nature of the women as they developed their model of leadership.  Both Melina and Alana spoke of the journey of discovery to build self-esteem, communication skills, self-care, self awareness, their aspirations for the future as well as a deeper awareness of the cultural issues affecting aboriginal people.  Through the course the women identified that they had an increased awareness and confidence and increased assertion.  The women have developed an increased involvement in the community, a sense of solidarity, increased resilience and an ability to think positively.  Increased employment opportunities became apparent as two employers had rung the Centre, unsolicited, to offer employment to the graduates. MORE >

ABC Seeking Young Businesswomen for Upcoming Panel Discussions in Sydney

Posted by Anonymous
12th July 2011

ABC Ultimo studios in Sydney is seeking exceptional young businesswomen (under 30 years old) to take part in the popular panel discussion program, Q&A: Adventures in Democracy.

If you are bright and articulate on a range of issues and are not afraid to express your opinions, ABC wants to hear from you! The program airs weekly. Contact Sophie Mallam at  mallam.sophie@abc.net.au or on 02 8333 3945.

Q&A has played host to innumerable public intellectuals – from Germaine Greer, to Christopher Hitchens, to Richard Dawkins (to name a few) – and their panel format offers a unique vehicle for robust and lively discussions.

From a publicity perspective, Q&A offer both impressive audience ratings and an unparalleled Twitter presence (of around 16,000 tweets during their hour-long episode each week), which has a national and global reach. Q&A is also the only show in the world in which politicians regularly front up to their constituents, live and unedited.

Candidates would be needed from about 7.30pm on the Monday evening for the live program, with the show wrapped up approximately two hours after that (though guests generally stay after for a glass of wine and a debrief – which is part of the fun!)



Posted by Liz Skelton
29th June 2011

Dear Sydney Leadership Alumni

We are embarking on an important piece of evaluation work for Social Leadership Australia.  Your participation by giving us your feedback will help us to enhance the leadership programs we deliver.

The evaluation is for all alumni of the Sydney Leadership Program from 1999 - 2010.  We are interested in hearing your feedback on the main learnings from the program, what was useful, what wasn't and the impact of those learnings on you, your work and the broader community.

We appreciate that for some of you the program will be a dim and distant memory but would love to capture your remaining thoughts and feedback.  The evaluation is being conducted by The MIller Group to ensure confidentiality. 

The purpose of the evaluation is primarily for the ongoing improvement of the program and also to be able to be clearer on the kind of impact the program is having.  The question of whether we are meeting our purpose "of building caring and inclusive communities and a just society" is a core question that your feedback will help us answer.  If you have any questions or want to discuss any part of the process please don't hesitate to make contact.  To access the evaluation please click HEREMORE >

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