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Posted by Stephen Couling
16th July 2013

Hi folks - here is a short video about a project with which I am involved.... doing important work. Project Australia is raising funds to publish a book to help Australia Not-For-Profit/Community groups Start, Scale and Sustain wonderful life changing projects. Can you help with a donation ? Go here :

Invitation to join new network for rural & regional Community Entrepreneurs

Posted by Adam Blakester
10th January 2013

Late last year Starfish Enterprises and EvolveNetwork initiated a new network aiming to find and connect community and social entrepreneurs* who are working throughout rural and regional Australia.

The purpose of the group is to share information, learn from each other and get to know each other. Over time we believe this could grow and become a useful “community of practice”.

Let me know if you are interested to join this network or would like to discuss this further.

Cheers, and all the best for 2013.

Adam Blakester (Alumni, Sydney Leadership 2004) | 0419 808 900 | 02 6775 2501

* Download a one-page information sheet with more information about social enterprise and their work in the fast growing fourth sector here.


Transformative Scenario Planning Course with Adam Kahane in Melbourne and Sydney

Posted by Liz Skelton
22nd October 2012

Transformative Scenario Planning Course with Adam Kahane in Melbourne and Sydney MORE >

Applications closing for Sydney Leadership 2013

Posted by Liz Skelton
12th October 2012

If you know anyone who would be a great candidate for Sydney Leadership next year please encourage them to apply.  As always we are looking for diversity across sectors, issues, areas of influence, age and culture. If you know someone who is trying to impact social change from their position in the corporate, government or community sector  and they want to make a difference with their  leadership, then encourage them to  apply for the Sydney Leadership 2013 program. Applications are open, deadline is next week.  Please contact Julie Ahern 02 9339 8093 to speak further.  Thanks Liz MORE >

SLA's Leading Learning program closing soon

Posted by Vivienne Reiner
17th April 2012

There is still time to register for our 6-day master class for senior leadership and change practitioners.

The deadline for registrations close 30 April (Brisbane) and 25 May (Sydney).

Leading Learning: The Purpose, Role & Practice of Leadership Development will be run in Brisbane on 14-19 May and in Sydney on 25-30 June 2012.

Evaluation Specialist wanted - The School for Social Entrepreneurs

Posted by Janine Moodley
20th February 2012

The School for Social Entrepreneurs seeks an evaluation specialist

The School for Social Entrepreneurs is an innovative learning community, whose mission is to incubate, accelerate and celebrate people powering change in their world.  We do this through the delivery of high-impact, action-based peer-learning programs, and the development of vibrant, entrepreneurial communities-of-practice.

SSE Australia was launched in December 2008, based on a model from the UK and has imported the action learning model as the methodology that underpins the nine month learning program called the 'Incubator' program. After three years of program delivery, SSE Australia and its stakeholders wish to ascertain the benefit SSE has had in the emerging field of social entrepreneurship in Australia.

Our aim is to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, impact and value of the SSE program. In particular, how and if the Incubator program impacts on the development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of its students. We want to know how effective these skills are for enterprise development and the role that social networks play. 

Please see the brief attached for more detailed information.

Contact Jessie Williams on 0449 117 824 if you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunity further.

3 Things for Social Change

Posted by Christopher Saunders
15th June 2011

A new charity campaign supported by Oxfam and aimed at Gen Ys called 3 Things aims to challenge the notion that young people are reluctant to help others.

“What are 3things that you can do to help change the world?” asks the website, which summarises the basis of the campaign. By giving three minutes, three weeks, or three actions, the site says, Gen Ys can contradict offensive stigma that they’re lazy good-for-nothings, and contribute to social change.

The campaign involves getting creative, and relies on the pebble in the ocean theory - that is, one good deed, regardless of size, can contribute to a world movement.

This idea is reflected in the campaign: “together our collective actions have a massive flow on effect and can impact the wellbeing of our poorest and most marginalised neighbours, as well as the environment.”

The site allows users to update the 3 things they are doing to contribute to world change.

With the 3 Things Movement, Social change seems easy enough.

Check out the website

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