Nelson Mandela

Is there such a thing as a 'great leader'?

Recently, I was asked about the difference between a good leader and a great leader.

During my many years at Social Leadership Australia, I’ve been asked this question over and over again, in different shapes and forms. But the question itself demonstrates the confusion we have as a society about leadership.  MORE >

The Margin & The Mainstream

I have stopped believing in coincidences. Last week I travelled from Canberra, where I was working with senior executives in government, to Melbourne, to speak to activists and campaigners at the Progress 2013 conference. The short flight was a journey from the centre of power to the margins. But I was surprised at how much the two groups had in common. Both were interested in change, both had power (although different types of power), both saw themselves as there to make a difference … and both had real troubles hearing the ‘other’.

Then Senator Nova Peris gave her maiden speech.

"I do not consider myself an expert when it comes to finding solutions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' predicament. For too long we've all heard too many people say they have the answers ... and claim the moral high ground. If the answers were easily provided as the questions posed, we simply would not have a problem. In fact the answers are difficult and complex; but they do not lie in absolute positions of simplified slogans."

Senator Nova Peris OAM, Parliament House, Canberra, 13 November 2013 MORE >

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