Power & compassion. Are YOU owning it?

22 September 2015 - 5:38pm

Owning and using power well is a global problem - not just limited to public servants. Learnings from those in positions of greatest power can be helpful no matter which sector or role we work in.

Public servants worry about power. Legitimately so. Trapped between often whimsical governments and a hyper vigilant, needy and judgmental public it is a legitimate concern to be cautious about appearing to be too powerful. Or understanding that one has power at all. It is easy to feel like everyone’s whipping post.
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Can The Collectives Work Collectively?

Working collectively is supposed to make things more effective, create an increased capability by combining resources and action across multiple interested parties. But does it really?  

While everyone is busy setting up more and more ‘collectives’ to address complex and multi-layered social issues, it seems no-one is really doing anything differently, says Shona Munro MORE >

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