The myth of organisational transformation

10 December 2014 - 3:01pm

There’s a lot of talk about organisational transformation in management circles these days, but the reality is more likely about trying to find ways to work purposefully together through the mess. And that’s just how it should be. MORE >

Can The Collectives Work Collectively?

Working collectively is supposed to make things more effective, create an increased capability by combining resources and action across multiple interested parties. But does it really?  

While everyone is busy setting up more and more ‘collectives’ to address complex and multi-layered social issues, it seems no-one is really doing anything differently, says Shona Munro MORE >

Collaboration is subversive

The wish for collaboration rarely translates into reality. 

It’s become quite fashionable for leaders in organisations to say they want their people to collaborate more effectively, both internally and externally. But the continued use of collaborative language does more harm than good. It has started to represent a kind of magical thinking which we rarely see in the reality of our work and organisations. Here's why. 


Swimming through wet cement ... with needles in your eyes?

Collaboration is difficult work but it can be learned

One thing that doesn't change from year to year is the necessity and opportunity to work together. Unless you are Robinson Crusoe you’re always engaging with someone. And this has been the strongest theme for 2013 for me. Understanding the practice, purpose, and nature of collaboration has never before seemed to be more needed and vital. MORE >

To work politically, dig deeper

'Politics' may be a dirty word but to succeed in leading change we must work politically. How? 

In the wake of the recent election, we could be forgiven for wanting to run away from anything with political connotations. 'Politics' is often seen as a dirty word, but if you work in any organisational setting, large or small, then you are often working politically, whether you like it or not. And if we want to make progress on behalf of something we care about, then how we engage with others requires us to work politically. MORE >

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