The Blocking Boss

5 June 2014 - 3:26pm

Obstruction is everywhere

The commonest question I am asked when talking to potential change leaders is:

‘What do I do when my boss doesn’t support my work, my change agenda or my leadership approach?’

Overcoming a blocking boss likely deserves a book of its own. Instead, here’s a short post from my personal experience. In this post, I refer to a boss because it is the concept most experience. However, the person in a hierarchical position of power may not be your direct boss or even in your line of management. MORE >

Playing the Political Game

How not to be a flake when you're swimming with the sharks

When I moved to Canberra to be an advisor I was shocked to discover that not only were there hundreds of groups with fiercely committed supporters dedicated to bringing about social change of some kind, but also to realise just how well-resourced many outfits were, with their glossy magazines and flash invitations. I quickly learnt a few lessons about how canny organisations had to be in navigating government and effectively making their case for change.


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