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Tracy Feeney
Sydney Leadership 2006
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Sydney Leadership 2012
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Ursula OBrien
Queensland Leadership 2011/2012

Newly created position to provide professional leadership to nurses in public health practice in Qld.

Mapping public health practice with a focus on nursing practice.
Consideration of scope of practice and a nursing career path for public health nurses
Leading implementation of quality improvement approaches and clinical governance for the Health Protection Directorate

I also sing with a women's community choir, established nearly 6 years ago to address issues of racism in Toowoomba, for which I am the Treasurer

Queensland Health
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Vanessa Lesnie
Sydney Leadership 2007
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Veronica Laverick
Queensland Leadership 2011/2012

Manage an integrated social service department, a primary and allied health service and the sport and recreation department for Council. The social service department has three streams with those being direct service delivery (14 funded programs), a developmental stream (community, youth, multicultural, social development) and a policy / planning stream. The pimary and allied health service delivers a diverse range of services including community nursing, physiotherapy, dietetics etc and undertakes a range of preventative health initiatives and health promotion. The sport and recreation department is responsible for the coordination, implementation and administration of a broad range of sport and recreational opportunities for the community.

Addressing the social impacts on the Gladstone region of the emerging Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. Currently the most pressing issue is housing as the population of the region is expected to increase by 8,000 to 12,000 over the next 12 months as a significant construction work force is required to build the LNG plants.

Gladstone Regional Council
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Vivienne Reiner
General Community
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Warren Barnes
Sydney Leadership 2000

General flower sales to the public, customer service, employ and train staff ,manage a shop front & an online store all the fundamentals of running a business,update on facebook & twitter, order supplies, transport stock products deliveries etc....

Blooms and Petals Florist business
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Warwick Moss
Sydney Leadership 2005
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Wayne Willis
Sydney Leadership 2004
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Wendy Agar
Queensland Leadership 2011/2012
Westpac Banking Corporation
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Wendy Cabot
Sydney Leadership 2008

• Lead and support the development and delivery of TBS programs and services throughout the new england region

The Benevolent Society
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Wendy Morris
Sydney Leadership 2006
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Yvonne Stewart
Sydney Leadership 2006

Marketing and Communications manager for Sydney Children's Hospital Foundationl, Randwick

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Randwick