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Annabelle Butler
Sydney Leadership 2001
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Anne Campbell
Sydney Leadership 2001
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Anne Coombs
Sydney Leadership 2001
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Anne Livingstone
Queensland Leadership 2009/2010
Global Community Resourcing
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Anne Rix
Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
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Annette Young
Leading Learning
The Smith Family
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Annie Le Cavalier
Sydney Leadership 2009

As the Executive director I am responsible for overseeing the operations of the organisation as well as strategy & program development, fundraising, and stakeholder relations.

We run an Enterprise hub (co-work) space in Ultimo for young creative and social entrepreneurs.
We run a monthly innovation series, showcasing young creative thinkers who are pushing boundaries and leading with their hearts.
We run an online space for young writers to develop their voice and get the opportunity to be published quarterly in our Anthology.
We run a fee for service media agency that provides youth perspective on major news, events and ideas while up-skilling young journalists across multiple platforms.
We train and integrate young interns in all aspects of our business, from project development to marketing to program delivery.
We connect young people with career and personal development opportunities to launch them into a brighter future.

Vibewire Youth Inc
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Anthony Pascoe
Sydney Leadership 2011
Lend Lease Ventures
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Antonia Ruffell
Sydney Leadership 2007
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April Pham
Sydney Leadership 2004
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Arthur Kapantzian
Sydney Leadership 2000

Barrister & Solicitor

Anthony Raso & Associates
1 Darry Street, Scoresby Vic 3179
03 9763 6399
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Bea Leoncini
Sydney Leadership 2003

As the Principal of Leoncini and Associates in Hurstville, I provide advice on migration law, often on in complex cases.

I particularly focus on how legislative, regulatory and policy changes in the area of general migrant/refugee settlement and migration law impact on temporary, permanent and refugee entrants to Australia and that informs much of my work.

As a consultant focussing on organisational development and training, I continue to work with public and private groups and organisations on specific projects, including grant writing.

I'm involved in probono work whenever I have the time, wether on the provision of a direct service or  around awareness raising.

Policy Development for Children services and aged care programs in Southern Sydney.

Analysing the impact of migration law, regulation and practice and developing responses to these as part of the Migration Alliance and IASN.

Continuing to produce and present a weekly community radio program in the Spanish language through Radio Austral ( (


Leoncini and Associates
Beatriz Leoncini Consulting
Immigration Advocacy and services Network
Casos y Cosas de Nuestro Entorno Radio Program
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Beck Ronkson
Sydney Leadership 2008

I am a Theatre Director that specifically works with marginalised communities.

Currently i'm working on developing advocacy and leadership possibilities for the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble (people who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation) based on their desires and interests. 

Milk Crate Theatre
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Bernice Daher
Sydney Leadership 2010

Manage a not for profit community services team that links in with Just Better Care Australia - a for profit franchise operation with 20 outlets throughout out NSW,QLD and Vic

Development of quality management system aligned throughout the JBC group and development of business options in line with current industry trends

Just Better Care Community Services
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Bharat Pant
General Community
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Bill Bundey
Sydney Leadership 2004

Financial Advice and Management to individuals and families

Northhaven Financial Management
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Bill Downing
Sydney Leadership 2002
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Bill Warner
Sydney Leadership 2000

Responsible for all curriculum design and training program development. Strategic planning.

Major course development projects in Australia, South Asia and South East Asia.
Working with group in East Africa to develop a high school for girls, now in 3rd year

Financial Education Professionals Pty Ltd
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Bob Pfifferling
Sydney Leadership 2005
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Brady Gunn
Sydney Leadership 2005