Gain a Fresh perspective on Your Challenges

3 May 2017 - 12:07pm

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, a fresh, more dynamic approach to leadership is required to overcome the complex challenges facing modern organisations.

Adaptive Leadership theory offers a practical framework and philosophy that helps individuals and organisations adapt and thrive in challenging environments, a leadership model more relevant today than ever before.

The Benevolent Society’s Social Leadership Australia (SLA) is offering a two-day Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact Masterclass, designed to develop the leadership capacity of senior people from across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. It has particular appeal for those who are seeking to develop new leadership thinking and practice and the opportunity to step outside the four walls of their organisation to learn with and from people from sectors other than their own.

The Adaptive Leadership model is a diagnostic framework originally developed by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky from Harvard Business School that provides insight and tools that, when applied, enable a deeper understanding of the complex systemic challenges that organisations face.

There are a number of key concepts within the Adaptive Leadership model, but one of the more important is learning to differentiate between technical and adaptive issues. Many of the challenges faced by leaders daily are technical issues which sit within their formal authority or that of authorised experts. They can be fixed relatively easily. But adaptive challenges are those where a problem may not be so clear and the solution is more complex, thus the requirement for new thinking and leadership practice.

Adaptive Leadership provides a framework to manage uncertainty and ambiguity and to move away from predictable responses. It is about being able to take on the gradual but meaningful process of change and mobilising others to participate.

The Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact Masterclass attendees will develop a greater awareness of the technical and adaptive challenges that they face within their own role and organisation and develop the capacity to respond accordingly. They will reconnect with their deeper sense of purpose and learn to be more collaborative across teams, organisations and communities. They will have a pragmatic context within which to manage conflict and challenges and develop a greater understanding of group dynamics.

The Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact Masterclass is highly interactive and includes theory, reflection and group work. Your learning will be “hands on” and you will be able to put it into practice immediately.

If you would like to know more about our Adaptive Leadership for Social Impact Masterclass, please visit our Adaptive Leadership Masterclass page or contact Nathalie Kats on 02 8262 3582 or email

This article was featured on Pro Bono Australia website 27 April 2017.